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CH Long Gone Boston, pointing quail, Hoffman, N.C. winter 2010
Dave Hughes flushing for Ch Long Gone Buckwheat, Winter 2010, Hoffman, N.C.
5xCH/3x RU CH Long Gone Madison pointing quail in Hoffman, N.C. feb. 2010
Long Gone Zee ( 13 months old..she out of 5xCH Long Gone Madison) pointing quail  in Hoffman, N.C ...winter 2010
Lloyd and Ch Long Gone Boston, on a workout on Cape Cod, Mass...March 30th 2010
CH Long Gone Boston backing Bog Brook Rigby on Cape Cod, March, 2010 in a workout
Ch Long Gone Buckwheats littermate brother, pointing woodcock in Canada, spring 2011
    More photos coming !!  



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