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78 Running of Grand National Grouse Futurity : Oct. 30th, 2022

Long Gone Juniper ( her sire is our Long Gone DeQuan , he by 3x RU Grouse CH Long Gone Studly ) placed third in the prestigious 78th renewal of The Grand National Grouse Futurity. All placed dogs pointed wild birds. ( 3 pointed grouse, one pointed woodcock ) We were very happy with “June Bugs ” performance. ( The only Setter who placed!) We are strong believers in the wild bird futurities. These are breeders stakes, meant to encourage the breeding of better grouse and woodcock dogs, with financial incentives plus the honor of placing in high caliber competition against the best derbies in the woods. Other Long Gone Dogs we have owned who have won or placed in The Grouse Futurity over the years ( and went on to championship caliber careers are ) National Amateur Grouse Champion CH Long Gone Pumpkin, CH & RU CH Long Gone Mittens, 2x CH Long Gone Daisey, 2x CH & 2 x RU CH Long Gone Nixon, Grand National Grouse Champion 4 x CH Long Gone Buckwheat, 2x CH Long Gone Mersadies. Long Gone Conway won both The Grand National Puppy Classic AND The Grouse Futurity but suffered a career ending injury as a first year shooting dog. Some of other dogs who did not run in the grouse futurity but who won or placed in The North American Woodcock Futurity ( in New Brunswick, Canada) are 7x CH & 7 x RU CH Long Gone Madison, 2x CH Long Gone Boston and RU Grouse CH Long Gone Juicy. The above named Long Gone Grouse Futurity winners, have placed in all three grouse regions, Michigan,( Gladwin ) Mid Atlantic ( PA. ) and here in New England ( Kilkenny ). I asked my dear friend, Hall of Famer, Dave Hughes to get in the winners picture with Juniper as the training methods he taught me certainly helped bring “June” to this level. She has run in 7 field trials, and won or placed in all 7 . This fall she only ran in two, The Bill Kearns Open Derby Classic and the Grouse Futurity, she won the first and placed in the second, pointing grouse in both. I guess more importantly, we have shot many, many grouse and woodcock over her points this fall, and will continue to do so, until the snow keeps us out of the woods. Thank you to all who did all the preparation and paperwork for The Grouse Futurity, and the judges who walked in rough conditions, from sunup to sunset, to evaluate this fine crop of grouse dog derbies!