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Another day in the woods, Oct. 19, 2022

Lloyd connects on a grouse over Tony’s dog “Wally. First dog out of the truck yesterday 10/19

A “Mixed Bag ” as we got a woodcock also over Wally as Tony is showing. We had birds in every cover, and got them pointed by every dog ( 5 ) but were not “feeling” flight birds today. Porky and June Bug look on !
A shot of Porky backing Tony’s dog Max, who you cannot see in the picture as he is buried in the growth. Both dogs had multiple finds on both kinds of birds, with shots ! But no kills !
Tony breaking out the lunch pail that his wonderful wife “Marie” makes us ! It was a great day to eat outside !I really like the homemade cookies!!!!!!
June Bug pointing yesterday afternoon, 10/19/22, we did manage to shoot a woodcock over one of her points.
I like to show a scenery shot now and then. I have an idea that all great covers are along brooks, rivers? Just a thought. Except of course high ground flight covers!