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Another day in the woods, Oct. 20, 2022

You don’t see these that often, a Spruce Grouse crosses in front of us. ( they are protected ). It did not want to leave my truck!
Tony flushing for Porky yesterday 10/20…it is nice when you can get your “wingman” to flush ! The cover is coming down now, so the grouse can be seen much better!
We try and get one bird per dog per day. Yesterday we ran 6 and got birds for all, both kinds.
June Bug got her bird, over a nice find, we had to go find her, as we heard her stop but it was thick !
We got one over DeQuan also, for a limit of timberdoodles. June and Pork look on !
Tony with a grouse he had just shot over “Wally”. We had 5 grouse in this cover. We then went and ran Kenny Kilkenny, and missed several woodcock over his points in addition to moving 5 grouse also ( some missed!!!!!) It was a grand day for bird hunting over setters.