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Another day working dogs and scouting for new covers! Sept.14 With “Hank” and Tony

You gotta know this cover is called “Mr. Bones”. We moved both kinds of birds in this cover.
We stopped at this spot “The Rock and Roll” Cover and I took a picture of “Hank and Tony. Then Hank ran his dog Bubba!
We were trying to connect one of our productive areas to another, over an old logging road, which got progressively worse. We were about 15 miles in and the road was deteriorating ! Just over this knoll was a massive washout, we could not go forward, and did not have enough room to turn around, but Tony found a place to turn Hanks truck, and we were able to retreat. I suspect this may be the most rural and obscure part of NH.!
I had gone back up the mountain, looking for a place to turn around, but was not feeling good about it….when I saw this lovely sight ! Hanks truck, turned around heading back with Tony directing the show! It was about 45 minutes before dark, we would have been walking for most of the night, with no cell service !