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Back working dogs in CT. on quail and woodcock, April 3 and 4, 2023

2x CH & RU CH Long Gone Porky pointing quail in Conn. this week, first week of April. The weather was great and company good ( Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kennedy )

Long Gone DeQuan pointing a woodcock on an edge with my derby Long Gone “Kenny” Kilkenny backing. Deb had two woodcock with Mckeachie the day before about a hundred yards to the left and much deeper.

Deb Kennedy flushing for her Grouse Futurity Winner, Long Gone Hatfield, Early April, 2023

Another side of Deb Kennedy. Not only is she a dedicated breeder and trainer of English Setters, Deb is a superb Author of note, with her latest effort, “Jane”s Cure. receiving rave reviews. You can purchase this great read at your local bookstore, or better, call the author, D.K. Kennedy ( aka deb ) at 603-252-9228

Old friend Jim Kennedy ( our bird planter on this brace) stands next to Porky, who is backing Deb’s Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic Winner, Mckeachie.

Kenny Kilkenny, pointing quail in CT. this week. So nice to be on bare ground ! Snow still to deep and crusty to run dogs here at home….maybe one more week and then we will be in business!

Hawks are notorious quail killers here at Pelton’s pasture. They will follow you and wait for you to put out the quail…..then they swoop in and grab them!!!!You got to throw them where it is nasty so they can’t fly in!