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Breeding and puppy updates/ First day of Spring ! March 19, 2024 !

Only one puppy left from a nice litter in Concord, VT by Long Gone DeQuan. His name is “Spot”. ( can you guess why ????)Call Ellies,( the dam of the litter ) owner Paul Szwedo at 1-802-917-4116.

This female “Stinky ” ( a grand daughter of 2x CH Long Gone Nixon ) is bred to a son of CH & RU CH Long Gone Wallace. For more information on this upcoming litter call Kelly Shephard in Waverly, Ohio at 740-648-8431. On another note, Deb Kennedy called me yesterday 3/ 18/24 and said her good winning bitch bred to Long Gone DeQuan was ultra sounded and has 7 pups in her. Debs contract information is here on this web site, several postings back.

This female “Jess” is bred to a son of National CH Long Gone Wallace. Jess is a littermate to Erin’s Big Casino.

Call Kelly Shephard for more information on this upcoming litter. 1-740-648-8431