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Eclipse /Red Sox and dogs ! April 12, 2024

Tammy and Lloyd Murray ‘Digging” the total eclipse at our home in Stark, NH April 8, 2024

Tammy and Lloyd at opening day at Fenway Park this year; April 9, 2024

“You gotta just love “Fenway Park “

Introducing both teams, Opening day 4/9/24 at a sold out Fenway Park !

The 2004 World Series Champion’s….20th Anniversary. A Great Tribute to a GREAT team !

Tony Bly going back to release his dog “Ricky” yesterday after pointing. 4/11/24. My DeQuan was backing. We had just finished running my puppy “Pickles” with Tonys “Max”. I want to Thank my bride Tammy for running dogs with me twice this week…in the rain !

Saw this boy when we pulled in a cover yesterday 4/11/24