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Filmed an upcoming episode of “Bird Dogs Afield” yesterday, Fri. Aug. 12, 2022 with Paul Fuller

Paul moves in filming CH Long Gone Porky on point. Pork had a good morning with some where around a dozen woodcock in about 45 minutes. Cool temps in the 50’s helped I am sure!
5x Classic Winner Long Gone DeQuan being filmed on one of his woodcock finds yesterday, 8/12/22. The bird was in the alders to the right of Paul. We had a blast filming, lots of bird work, cool temps and “The Hint ” of upcoming fall in the air!
The only not fun part about yesterdays film shoot, was a flat tire on Paul’s rig ! But God Bless Triple A ! Paul’s show on the web ” Bird Dogs Afield” is the most watched, bird dog show ( with many, many episodes ) on the web. Check it out, lots of interesting programs relating to your dog. Just punch in Bird Dogs Afield