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First day of Nov., 2023

It was 18 degrees when I left my house in the am. The first cover of the day, trees still frozen, and Mt. Washington looks “Frosty ” !

We see a lot of Beaver work while walking in the woods, but I have never seen it in round chunks like this? Have you ? Is this a beavers version of M & M’s ??????

I was running my puppy “Pickles” and had to shoot this picture of Tony, as we first hunted this cover in the 1970’s when my Grandfather put us onto this area. It has changed a little bit……..

What was this ? A cellar hole for a house? Barn ? Shed ?I love finding this old stuff in the middle of the woods.

We shot a woodcock over Max and June, and I saw it was “Tipped”, we sent the dogs over to the area I thought it went down, June pointed it, Max backed…we got it.

Something for the soup!!!!!! 2 happy dogs !!!!!

Very rare in Northern NH, a stand of Sumac. Had to take a picture of it !