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First week of Oct./ 2023

Wens. Oct. 4th, in the “Lost Grouse Cover” Tonys keen eye survey’s the landscape (lol) It got up to 85 degrees yesterday, a new record, not the best conditions to hunt bird dogs!

This was a beauty ! We found Tonys “Ricky ” here on point. A woodcock got up, I missed, a grouse flew by Tony, he missed! Another woodcock got up, and Tony missed. A new record, 3 misses on 2 diferent game birds on the same find!

Lloyd and Tony with June Bug ( Long Gone Juniper) and her first woodcock of the season.

Juniper pointing a dead woodcock Tony had shot over her point. Junie pointed and we flushed, I said” I think you hit that bird”, I tried to move June forward but she would not move, i went back out in front of her and there is was, dead, nice shot Tony!!! Shooting the 20 side by side you bought from my grandfather in 1977.

Lloyd got one also over a good find with June in this cover. We have been doing some “fancy” shooting so far this fall ( NOT )

Long Gone Pickles ( Long Gone DeQuan ex a CH Long Gone Porky ex RU Grouse CH Long Gone Juicy female) right after Tony missed a woodcock over her point. But we heard her bell stop, I found her and sent the bird towards Tony, he missed but a very good find for a puppy, it made my day !