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Goofing Off/ At least it’s Feb. today 2/1/24

Before the football playoff games Sun. Jan. 28 I took Long Gone DeQuan and His daughter Long Gone Juniper for a “Winter Run ” on the local logging roads. Mostly to get me out for a walk !

Tuesday Jan. 30th was so nice ( 30 degrees ) and Sunny I took the “Kids” out for a spin !

On the way back from running the dogs, this grouse was in the road, I took a picture and watched him for awhile! This could be a good omen for this coming year?????

Couldn’t take the setters out today as back to back days of running on ice/ snow will tear up their feet. So Tammy and I took the house dogs out for a walk! 1/31/24. The we went to The Basket ball games…Groveton won both ( girls and boys!)