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Happy 4th of July ! From Long Gone Setters

The kickoff of the wild bird training season is the 4th of July. Old friend Professional bird dog trainer Tony Bly was here at the kennel at 5:45 am and to the woods we went. First brace was Porky and one of Tonys dogs, but we didn’t shoot any pictures, sorry. But we did point both grouse and woodcock. Second brace was DeQuan and Ricky, Quan here in first picture pointing a woodcock. We did point both grouse and woodcock on this brace also. Second dog shot is my puppy, going into derby, Juniper pointing. She had a good spring, where she ran in 5 stakes and placed in all five, both puppy and open derby.
After I worked dogs with Tony I headed over to Sebago Lake where my girls are for the summer. My wife is the camp Chef ( the rest of the year she is a school teacher). My oldest daughter works for the camp ( Camp Wohelo/ Luther Gulick Camps ) year round. And my youngest is a counselor there. Here is a shot of “The Tow”, and annual event each 4th of July where they hook up the sailboats, and canoes and tow them along the shore for folks to come out and wave. I was beautiful last night !
My oldest daughter Ruthie, enjoying “The Tow” last night ! 7/4/22
Looking back at The White Mountains in Northern NH, from Sebago Lake in southern, Maine 7/4/22
I shot this on my way home today 7/5/22, the famous “International Sign Post “