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Hunting Grouse with “Hank” and Tony yesterday Nov. 8th,2022. We shot a “Truck Limit “( 4 ) plus one!

First grouse of the day. Shot over Tony’s, “Ricky” It was a small brood. We also had a small brood of 4 with “Kenny Kilkenny”.
I had the pleasure of shooting this one over Ricky. It sure helps when the cover is down ! We can actually see them !
” Hank” came right back and shot this one over Ricky. I could not shoot as it went out to low over the dogs head!

Lloyd with Hanks puppy. She pointed along this road, and two grouse were there ! I got this one!
Juniper with a grouse that Hank just shot over her point. There were actually 2. He had to go in the water and get it!!! This is the first grouse shot over her point since her placement in the Grand National Grouse Futurity.
Truck Limit plus one!
“Hank” Steve Sumple and Tony Bly my hunting buddies from Nov. 8. We ran 8 dogs, all 8 had grouse, we moved 27, but ran all day. It was VERY windy, and hard to hear bells at times, but still good!