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Hunting in New Hampshire Oct. 3 and 4, 2022

Driving to pick up Tony at sunup Mon. Oct 3 ! Not a bad view!
Long Gone DeQuan pointing yesterday. We hit a cover we have not gone into this year . We moved 8 woodcock and 4 grouse. Some were flight birds.
Tony holding a grouse I had shot over DeQuan yesterday, Oct. 4.
Tony’s “Ricky ” on point. We ran 7 dogs yesterday, in of course 7 different spots and moved 55 birds, many of them grouse.
The cover is still thick and the grouse have all the advantages with it like this, BUT the leaves are coming down…as this picture suggests along a small brook…….
Tonys “Wally” dog. He was pointing a woodcock ( I know because I missed it ) Tony tried to move him, but he wouldn’t move, so we flushed wider and the bird was there!
Sunset on Oct.4th. Our story began with Sunrise on Mon, so we must end with “sunset” on Tuesday driving out of the last cover. The weather has been great, cold and frosty in the am, and that helps with birds being pointed. We are moving plenty of birds. Me off to meet Tony this Wednesday am !