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Hunting Oct 24th and 25th, 2022

Yesterday morning near the Canadian Border in northern NH, mountains just peeking through the fog before we turned loose the first dog.
Big adult grouse shot over June Bug on Mon. 10/24
2x CH Long Gone Porky, backing ( Tony’s dog was pointing ) Mon. Oct 24
Tony getting lunch ready yesterday Oct.25. Meatloaf sandwiches !!!!!!!!!!! and brownies, Thank you Marie Bly !
Grouse shot over Kenny Kilkenny yesterday ( he pointed 2 woodcock also ) in The Dumpster cover!
2 woodcock shot over June Bug yesterday 10/25. I put another over Eddie Marquis head and he missed!
You know by now I have an infatuation with mountain streams. This spot/ cover is called “Sammy’s Corner”.
Last cover of the day hunt.( 10/ 25 ) Tony’s dog “Wally”… given it a go ! I just mostly wanted to share the mountain views! I gotta go….picking up Tony at 6;30 !!!!