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Hunting/ Random Shots/ Oct. 11 & 12, 2022

First cover yesterday morning ( it was 22 degrees ) we got into some flight birds with June Bug. Lloyd and June and a departed Timberdoodle !
Marie Bly made us Lobster Rolls for lunch yesterday ( 10/12 ) No Kidding !!!!! It was great !
L.B.M. and Lilly, Hanks nice setter bitch, with a woodcock who ran into my 16 gague Browning Citiori, over and under. We pointed a lot of grouse today, but did not see many of them ! Just heard them flushing!
Hank, ( Steve ) Sumple and his pup Murphy with a woodcock he just shot over her( I missed it !)
L.B.M. with a grouse I just shot over “Hanks” pup Murphy ! ( it’s crop was full of high bush cranberries!)