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Hunting season/ Odds and ends / 2021

Tony with a woodcock shot over my puppy Long Gone Kilkenny ( 2x CH & RU CH Long Gone Porky ex RU CH Long Gone Juicy ) Fall/ 2021. I am just getting my web site to let me post pictures again, so have a few backlogged from hunting season. Note Tony’s shotgun, a double barrel 20 gauge SKB he bought from my Grandfather in 1975for 250.00 !

Tony and Thommy listening for the bells ! I just liked the rainbow! Tom was my food salesman for over 25 years before he retired. He also was secretary of The Grand National Grouse Futurity for well over a decade, and he is a GOOD shot!

Tony and two local wardens. We were just coming out of a cover and these boys saw our trucks. I had just shot 2 grouse over Tony’s dog Max. They stopped to check our licenses and also asked how the grouse hunting was, we said pretty good, every cover has birds, and we have 2 truck loads of bird dogs. They said good, because a lot of folks are bitching there are no grouse ? Next time you see Tony ask him about the time he was duck hunting (About 45 years ago) and an undercover warden asked him “What would you do if a deer came down here to get a drink ? ( it was not deer season ) and Tony said , “It would be the last F—ing drink that deer would ever take”!

Yours truly with my female puppy June Bug ( by 5 x Classic Winner Long Gone DeQuan , he by 3x RU Grouse CH Long Gone Studly ex CH Phillips Half Moon…she by 2x CH Long Gone Boston ) with a grouse she had just pointed. This was the second brood she had pointed in less then 5 minutes. Grouse numbers were good this past fall, woodcock not so good?

Thommy Richardson with “Kenny Kilkenny” with a woodcock we had just shot over his point. Kenny was whelped in March of 2021.