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Hunting with “Hank” and Tony, Oct.17 & 18

Tony holding A grouse I had just shot over DeQuans point, there actually were two on that find. He pointed several woodcock also in his run. Kenny, June Bug and Porky look on from the truck kennel!
Hanks holds a grouse we had just shot over Lilly and Porky. We pointed and missed some others, a great way to start yesterday ( 10/18 ) morning !
We like to open the crops on the grouse we shoot to see what they are eating. These two were eating “greens and buds”. Typical food sources.
June Bug ( Long Gone Juniper) had a good morning (in the rain) hunt. She pointed 3 grouse and 3 woodcock. We shot two grouse over her points, one by yours truly and this one by Hank ( Steve Sumple) plus a woodcock. She found both the grouse and woodcock dead.
Juniper gets some ‘Coke” ( Glycocharge ) after her productive hunt. In the first two covers we hit, we pointed 8 grouse but only a few woodcock…..I’ll take the “Big Ones” over the” little ones” any day
I went to take a selfie of a woodcock I had just shot over Kennys point and got this! We shot birds over Kenny Kilkenny’s points every day this week.