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Hunting with “Hank” ( Sumple ) Oct. 13, 2022

A woodcock Hank just shot over Kenny Kilkenny’s( CH Long Gone Porky ex RU Grouse CH Long Gone Juicy ) point.
Peak foliage has gone by here in Coos county, as the color now has a more subdued tone. This is also some grouse cover of some note. Of course depending on food source.
Another woodcock shot over “Kenny”. I dropped this one in this small brook, and it is floating downstream while “Hank” waits, and Kenny is looking for it! Can you see it. We hit a small flight in this cover, and actually found a new cover as a result. Moved about a dozen birds ( plus grouse) in under 30 min.
2x CH Long Gone Porky backing Hanks female, “Lilly”. This was a good brace, as we pointed multiple grouse and woodcock all over the cover. ( we didn’t hurt the birds numbers either.)