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Jan. 3,2023; Working the Derbies on grouse

With conditions this good, I just had to get the derbies ( Kenny and June ) out yesterday for a 40 minute blast. The logging roads are down to almost dirt, so easy and safe walking for me, and the grouse are near the edges!
Juniper on her second grouse find. I heard her stop but was not sure where she was, I sent Kenny up that way, and he stopped, so I figured he found her and was backing. But I found him pointing. I flushed and moved on, and didn’t take 5 steps and saw her, pointing. He backed, I am sure this was the bird he had been pointing also.
Kenny Kilkenny, pointing yesterday, Jan. 3, 2023. June Bug was just above him on that hill pointing, but I didn’t know it when I shot this picture. The grouse was there. So nice to be out in these spring like conditions, 3 grouse in 40 minutes and me getting some needed walking in !