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Keeping Up With Our Family Relatives

Ellie(out of Ju Ju and Porky) with 3 Grouse

Good Morning Lloyd,
It’s been a while since we’ve spoke and I’d been meaning to update you on Ellie’s progress, Ju Ju and Porky’s daughter.
First I have to share how happy we are with our choice to have come to you for a pup, Research pays dividends!
Secondly, I’ve continued following your web page, as well as Paul Fuller’s annual videos of you and the dogs. My whole family has seen Ellie’s parents working in the field from Bird Dogs Afield and now understands where her genetic skills come from.
I hope to reconnect again, as I have a plan for another pup within the next couple of years.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and you family.

An Update on Scout

Dear Lloyd,

     We’ve spoken a few times in the last 30 years.  The reason I write today is because my grouse (and family) dog Scout, was put to sleep last week at the age of 15 or so.  She is the offspring of Long Gone Murphy and Hildy.  Before her I had Henry Steamboat (one of your pups)…and before him I had my original male Henry (same name) out of Long Gone Stokely  and Spruce Meadow Becky, but I believe your dad may have been involved with that.

     First, you should know that your three English setters that came to me lived long, spoiled lives with my family. They live in the house.  Each went to (at least) 14 years old but really 15.   I hunt them in south central Vermont (Readsboro) and share a camp with a bear hunter and his hounds.  He goes bear hunting, I go grouse hunting…because bear country is also grouse and woodcock terrain.  Plus we have been co-workers for 35 years and it’s always worked out well.  I would like to continue the tradition with your dogs, if possible.  One thing I learned about Scout (my first female of your line)…..she worked in very well with our (my wife Jill also) lives as florists.  I know you’re a caterer and I figure you do many of the types of functions and venues that we’ve provided flowers for. It’s a hard life, but having a female setter was the best thing I ever did as far as Jill is concerned.  I can’t make a move without her (she and my sons picked Scout from the litter).  We would be looking for a female.

     Each year, we go to Bolton Flats in Bolton, Massachusetts for pheasant season.  I’m out of there in two hours with my limit. For me and whatever Long Gone dog I’ve had….it’s always been fun.  Scout and I took four woodcock there, also.

     Lloyd….I don’t want anyone else’s dogs…and since I’m 62  now…it may be my last. My wife and two sons told me…”We are not a house without a bird dog”…and I will agree.  If you can fit me into next year’s breeding (hopefully local dogs)…I will happily comply with the requirements involved.

     Thank you for your consideration.  It means the world to me that I’ve gone almost 40 years with Long Gone Setters, and it would be an honor to continue.

     Much respect,

     Patrick Porter