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Last week in review Nov. 13 -19

Tonys gets ready to turn his dog “Ricky” loose after he taped up his cut foot. Ricky pointed both grouse and woodcock in this hunt, although we are not shooting at the woodcock ( and the next day the season ended Nov. 14th)

My Juniper pointing a late season woodcock, she was braced with Tonys shooting dog, “Max”. We ran this brace 2 hours, pointing a half dozen grouse but surprisingly, 4 woodcock. This is rare for the mountains of Northern NH in mid Nov.

Long Gone DeQuan ( 3 x RU Open Grouse CH Long Gone Studly ex CH Phillips Half Moon ) pointing mid Nov., “Quan” gave me a good fall , handling all of his birds, both grouse and woodcock flawlessly.

Getting ready to turn loose in “The Rock and Roll Cover”, but we always admire this view first. Steve “Hank” Sumple has claimed this spot to build his camp!!!!FYI it is a “VERY” good grouse cover. Even this year with grouse numbers low due to spring rain and high chick mortality.

How many good covers are along rivers ,streams and brooks ? For both birds. Don’t you want to just float a fly over this water?

Steve “Hank” Sumple, DeQuan and Dr. Ryan Canalis with a grouse we had just shot over DeQuan.

Ryan, Hank and Hanks shooting dog, “Bubba”. We hunted all day, got 6 dogs on the ground, and all dogs had grouse, even my puppy “Pickles”. Getting some snow today Nov. 22, so am not sure how this will effect the hunting the next few days ?