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Long Gone Agnes

8x CH & 4x RU Long Gone Agnes
Long Gone Agnes (at this writing, winter 2009) is the all time winner of grouse and woodcock championships in the history of wild bird field trials. Her field trial accomplishments are a source of pride for us here at Long Gone Kennels, but Aggie’s prowess as a hunting grouse dog are equally rewarding and satisfying to us. Agnes is a great producer also with her offspring winning major stakes on Grouse, Pheasants, Woodcock and Quail, from weekend trials on both wild and liberated birds to futurities and
8x CH Long Gone Agnes , and The Murray Family receives a “Legends Of The Game Award “ at The Grand National Grouse Championship Banquet, Nov. 2013
At The 2013 Grand National Grouse Championship Purinna Banquet at The White Mountain Chalet in Berlin, NH ( my bussiness) I was totally shocked and humbled to be presented with a “ A Legend Of The Game Award “ for our wonderful setter champion, 8x Champion, Long Gone Agnes

The Plaque was presented by my dear friend of several decades, Ryan Frame who read it to the large assembled crowd of die hard grouse hunters and trialers. It reads.


The following excerpt is from the report in The American Field by Reporter Mr. Tim Post when Agnes won The Kilkenny Classic.” Agnes ran in the last brace of the day and it was very hot. Aggie ignored the heat and ran a strong intelligent race. She attacked the cover, going to all the logical objectives with great drive, while maintaining contact with her handler”. Agnes had a dug up grouse find to win the Classic.

Judge Robin Frame wrote this in The American Field about Agnes when she was named Runner Up in the Northeast Grouse Championship with a dug up grouse find. “Agnes ran with purpose, hitting all the likely cover. She knows where to find and how to handle wild birds. Her search paid off when she pointed in an area that the majority of the other contenders never checked”.

Reporter Ryan Frame on Agnes second win of The New England Open Grouse Championship as quoted from The American Field. “ That Champion Long Gone Agnes swung for the fence was obvious to all who saw the performance. She would have been to much dog for the taste of some….She put down a big forward race and tallied two scouted out on the limb finds, and one in the pocket. Her style in motion, drive and pointing were exceptional”.

5X Ch. First Rate - All Age Champion Sire of 8x Ch. Long Gone Agnes w/ RU All-Age Champion, Snowy River by Grouse Ridge Leroy (Grandsire of First Rate)
Anges, winter 2009, enjoyinga well-earned retirement.