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2x CH Long Gone Boston
Futurity Winner and AF Classic Winner; Ch. Long Gone Boston
Ch. Long Gone Boston was declared Winner and Champion at the conclusion of the 5 day, 66 dog, New York State Open Grouse Championship. Boston pointed grouse three times in a strong hour of grouse hunting. Ch. Boston points with breathtaking style, and runs with attractive tail carriage. CH. Long Gone Boston is available for stud at 675 or a pup, your choice. Boston will be moving around the country every winter hunting quail in the deep south, grouse in PA. and working on woodcock in Ohio.This may save you a lot of money as this three year old champion may be near you when your good bitch is in season. See Boston running, pointing, hunting on Paul Fullers show, Bird Dogs Afield on www.myoutdoortv.com Bird Dogs Afield.

In the winter of 2006 we bred our 8x Champion and 4x RU CH. Long Gone Agnes to the defending Grand National Grouse Champion AND Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Champion, 6xCH. Cracklin Tail Speed. This brought together two of the most accomplished grouse dogs of our time. We kept a big tri colored male pup we called “Boston”.

The first time we flew out some birds for him, while he was still a little pup, he just ran out in our birdfield and “stuck em”, pointing solid by smell and just swelled up, reminding me of his Mama doing the same thing, at the same spot, 9 years earlier ! We played with Ch. Boston on birds over the summer and put him on wild birds in September at 6 months old. He was in the cover 1 minute and 20 seconds when he pointed and held his first woodcock. That first fall I shot “a lot” of wild birds over his points, both grouse and woodcock. Ch. Boston handled grouse fine also, and just loves to point them.
In the spring of 2007 Boston was started in field trials. Ch. Boston placed in the International Cover Dog Puppy Classic (with an eye popping five find performance, from leftover birds from the shooting dog stakes the day before, even though puppies do not have to point) and placed second in the New Hampshire Amateur Puppy Classic. In the fall of 2007 Boston was started in derby stakes. Boston won the prestigious Bill Kearns Open Derby Classic with two scouted grouse finds and a woodcock find in 30 minutes in a single course format! He followed this up a week later by winning the time honored North American Woodcock Futurity in Moncton, New Brunswick, with Dave Hughes handling with a grouse and woodcock find again in 30 minutes. Boston was hunted the rest of the fall almost daily on wild birds and had a trucklaod of grouse and woodcock shot over his points. Boston is everything we hoped for when we bred these two legendary grouse dogs.

Placement Winner in 2008 one hour National Grouse Derby Classic, with two grouse finds and a back in Marionville, PA. Ch. Boston was hunted hard all fall, In Vermont, NH and PA. ( fall 2008, winter 2009) and was only run in two trials, but found and pointed both grouse and woodcock in them.

Ch. Long Gone Boston has size, is tri colored, is breathtaking on point, has a loving and friendly personality and is a truly gifted birdfinder. Ch. Long Gone Boston has been bred to some quality females recently, kindly call for details, or look at our “current breeding section “ on this web site for up to the minute breedings.

Three year old Ch. Long Gone Boston produced the winner of the 65th Grand National Grouse Futurity in Marionville, PA. in the fall of 2009. Of course the young winner found and pointed a grouse to wins this time honored stake!

In May 2011 Long Gone Boston was named Winner and Champion at The Empire Open Walking Shooting Dog Championship in Preston, New York, with 6 breathtaking finds and a back. The best walking shooting dogs in the country and the best pros were all there!Minard, Ecker, Formans, Malzone and of course, Dave Hughes! We want to “Thank “ Dave for handling 2xCH Long Gone Boston to this title. Boston throws his head back on point just like his mama did, 8xCH Long Gone Agnes, his poker stright tail and good size make him a joy to look at on point. Boston has now won championships on both wild and liberated birds.



My son purchased a female puppy from you out of Boston and the Taylor’s Havelock female in September 2013. I thought you may like an update. She is doing very well and is a real pleasure, both in the field and around the home. She is around 40 pounds, well built, and athletic. For her age I think she is easy to handle and ranges appropriately given the cover. We live in Utah and hunt wide open spaces to tight grouse coverts. She seems to mange them well and is gaining experience. Thanks for the beautiful dog! The pics are from the Utah pheasant opener (Nov 1) and a training session.

Lee Jacobson
Hi Lloyd….congratulations to you and Dave, you should be proud of winning the Grand National, you have great dogs. My pup from Bos / Zee is hunting much better than I thought he would considering he hasn’t had much training, in fact he’s the only dog I’ve hunted so far this season because my 11 1/2 yr. old dog by Nixon is still recovering from surgery to remove 6 cancer tumors. He still needs training but we have shot a Lot of birds over his points, many limits of woodcock, several pheasants, only a couple of grouse but that’s because we can’t shoot. He doesn’t hunt like a 9 mos old dog that’s for sure, he’s all puppy in the house and is very playful but as soon as that bell goes on his neck it’s all business he has a great nose for finding and tracking birds, he even stays steady for wing and shot most of the time and is breaking when the bird hits the ground. I would still like Dave to work with him but I am very happy with him thanks again…best
We purchased a pup from you and the Taylors in September 2013. Thought you might enjoy some recent pictures of her. She is now 6 months old. She is a fantastic dog and has a great temperament both as a pet and in the field. Thanks a bunch for your help in getting her. We really enjoy her.

The Jacobson Family
My wife ran her puppy this past weekend at the last trial of the year at Peltons. Dee Dee ran in amature and open puppy. Both stakes had 9 braces with a really nice mix of dogs.Dont you know she took first in amature and second in open…What a show she put on.She was only pup with finds in both stakes..The judge was a guy from Manitoba named Barry Bassingthwaighte(say that three times fast) At the end of the first day he told Maria that Dee Dee set the standard for the trial.At the end of the trial he sat with us for a while and just could not say enough good things about Dee Dee.The dog that beat her in the open was a pup from last years gsp amature national champion. While Dee DEE beat her in the amature the dog did run bigger in day two. Maria got a little nervous when Dee Dee had a big cast on day two and called her in. You live and you learn.Maria is on cloud nine right now..What a joy two watch her and her dog giving it hell.As the judge said snappy as all hell, high on both ends and a pleasure to watch.That being said lets get another one the hell with those pointers. Somthing about that Studley breeding has got our attention.Hope too hear your thoughts on him thanks again for all you have done for us and the sport…………………..

I got one of Wendell Higdon’s pup out of Boston and his Jim bitch. He looks good! Has grit and hunt and he is just 5 months old. He is nice sized and I thing he might be a keeper. How old is Boston? Have a nice bitch that I might breed to him. (December 1, 2013) Michael Smith
I got one of Wendell Higdon’s pup out of Boston and his Jim bitch. He looks good! Has grit and hunt and he is just 5 months old. He is nice sized and I thing he might be a keeper. How old is Boston? Have a nice bitch that I might breed to him. (December 1, 2013) Michael Smith
We received the puppy and she is beautiful. Thanks for your help. We love the pup! The Jacobson Family (Sept 2014)
We think Allie will be the number one amateur derby in the NE region this year for US Complete. As of today she is 4th in the nation as well. Here is a run down of her placements this spring Setter Club (Cape Cod) 1st Sothern New England Classic (Arcadia) 1st Acadia Field trial club 1st Ocean State Bird dog club Arcadia 1st Sugar Brook field trial CT 3rd Independent (Kelsey elected to picked her up because her brace mate took a bird out that Allie was pointing and She went with it.) and you know the results of Lloyds trial. Here are a couple of recent pictures of her on point. We will let you know the results when they announce the US Complete awards later this summer.
Lloyd, I purchased a setter pup from you almost three years ago. I couldn’t have asked for a better grouse/woodcock dog. High energy, hard charging and birdy beyond belief. I’m looking for a partner for him. I wouldn’t even discuss with any other breeder. Looking for a male pup sometime this spring, early summer.

CH Long Gone Boston ex Grousewing Holly pup

Jack McNulty, Rangeley Plantation
Feb. 2013
Loyd wanted to say hi. and let you know that I ran Storm in a shoot to retrive trail this wkend . Ran 5th brace had three birds in 6 min and 15 seconds had first place with 211 points till the 15th brace and a 4 year old dog with a handler that runs everywhere beat be 213 points. Storm is a smart dog that can run or hunt with you and a hell of a nose. Had to show my papers that he was a year old . Again thank you for your breeding program and Boston. Ronnie

Ronnie Eldridge – COA, Technician
Lloyd, (December 2012)
It was nice to see you when I was in NH. We are now back in Florida. I meant to tell you that I met a Jim Hayes in Montana. He was from Maryland and said he had a pup from Murphy and Digit and wanted me to tell you that the pup worked out really well.

I expect Abby to go into heat either Feb or March. After she starts to discharge how many days do I have before she can be bred to Buck?

I found that there was a lot more Grouse around when the weather turned cold. How did your season go?

Ed Courtemarche
Hi Lloyd, (December 2012)

I bought your pick of the litter a couple of years ago and I still think she is the smartest dog I have ever trained. Sometimes too smart. She was by Boston out of the Reroy bitch (Tiger Lilly). She was in Lance Bressler’s possession at the time. Anyway, at less than two years old, she is an excellent grouse dog. She pointed a ton of wild birds (grouse and woodcock) in Michingan’s UP this year. We shot quite a few for her. Her only fault is that right now she does not run big enough for the Coverdog Trials. I would expect that she will later on though. For now she is too busy finding birds. Anyway, she is due to come in heat in February and I would like to breed her to Buckwheat or Nixon. I would appreciate your opinion on which one. I am located in SW Pennsylvania and I could travel to Dave Hughes place if need be. I also have a good vet that will do the AI. Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas…..Pete Campsey
Lloyd, we went up north and had a chance to hunt over a nixon pup well not a pup an older female.Wow what a show she put on talk a bout a cracker Jack. Her owner is my cousin from mass. He should be your sales rep. He has judged a bunch of trials over the years and just loves all of the long gone dogs. His exact words were” Long gone dogs are the best Grouse dogs in the woods period many can try but knowone can touch them”. His little female backed it up What a nice dog. Had some really nice finds and just beautiful on point.I hope you and your family have a good holiday season looking forward too hearing pup news………….. Paul Scott
Hi Llloyd:
I have a nearly two year old male from Marsal’s Kennel in New Jersey. Marsal’s bitch was bred to Long Gone Boston. My dog, Rex, is in his second hunting season and is really coming on strong. Rex is big and hunts hard. I am starting the search for another puppy and would like a similar dog. The Buckwheat/Ivy litter sounds great. Are you still taking deposits on that litter? If not, I’m in no hurry and would be interested in later breedings as well. Thanks. John Olsen

That dog I bought from Kelly Shepherd “OWNS” ruffed grouse. He has a magical quality handling grouse that is hard to describe; but you know it when you see it.

Hope your season is going well. The woodcock numbers around here are huge. Grouse can be found….if you have the “right” dog; and I do.

You need to CLONE Long Gone Boston.
Hey Lloyd,
I placed my boy Jackson second in our Richard Moore OSD classic here in Canada on Saturday. I was really happy to have him handling and sticking with me, something we’ve been working on heavily. I also won the walking stake with his littermate who’s just as classy as Jackson.

I had a chance to work a wide variety of dogs this summer, gun dogs and shooting dogs and those two boys out of Boston were always the strongest dogs in the kennel.

How’s Boston doing? Is he going to be on the road with Dave this fall? Take care buddy,

–Spencer Ray
President & Trainer
Creek Haven Ranch
CH Long Gone Boston winning The Kilkenny Open Shooting Dog Classic, Spring 2012 ( with 2 grouse finds and 2 woodcock finds in 60 minutes ) with Lloyd and Colleen “Snoop “ Murray. Bostons mama, CH Long Gone Agnes won this Classic also in 2004
Hi Lloyd,
My name is Allen Lacko. I had the good fortune to purchase one of your Setter puppies from Long Gone Boston and Long Gone Brie. I named her West Ridge Sadie and her call name is Sadie. I took her this passed March to a Southern New England Brittany Club Trial with a friend of mine. She took third place in Amateur Walking Puppy. My friend and I recently took a trip to the Northern New England Brittany Club located in the N.H. flood control area in Franklin. Sadie took first place in the Open Derby, first place in Amateur Puppy, second place in Amateur Derby and third place in Open Puppy. Sadie ended with a ribbon in every trial I placed her in. Unbelievable! I want to thank you for the dedication in breeding these champion dogs for people like me who can enjoy the pleasure of hunting and trialing with these amazing dogs. Thanks to Solon and you for this great puppy. Sadie is dually registered with the AKC and the FDSB so she also get the points for the AKC trials.

Regards, Allen Lacko
I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how “Molly”, (Boston x Bianca) is doing at 7 months. We just finished up grouse season that began in October in Michigan, Wisconsin and finished up in Ohio. She traveled very well and is getting along with my other setters. Although Molly didn’t point a wild bird (yet), she did finally retrieve one and I am very pleased with her in so many ways. She is a very intelligent dog and bold already…..she works the cover better than any pup that I have had to this point. We are expecting great things from her…

Steve Benson
Here is an updated picture of my boston pup. This picture was taken when he was one year old. I am so impressed with his drive, intelligence and nose. He’s now with Dave Hughes in northern Pennsylvania and will soon be in Hoffman for another month with Dave. Maybe I will get the chance to run into you when I pick him up the later part of January. Dave says he is standing his birds good and is hunting really hard.

Bryan Rathbone
Boston pup, whelped 2011

Following up on my pervious e-mail, I wanted to let you know that Di is doing very well. She hunted with Jing last Saturday at Snake Meadow Club. As described by a fellow club member and hunting partner, their performance was “awesome.” Di backed all Jing’s points automatically and her own finds/points on pheasants were absolutely staunch with a nice feathered tail at 45 degrees. She is retrieving dummies. She will be a live bird retriever next season! Wow, at 9 plus months, I’m a happy owner!

Paul Chase
Hope all is well up your way. My Boston pup/Bog Brook Wilma is doing great standing and steady on liberated birds so I’ll be off to Wisconsin in a week to give him a week of work on wild birds and then a winter of hard hunting in West Virginia so he should get alot of wild bird work this season which will do him good. I named him Mosby and he has a great nose and alot of brains so he is going to be a great hunting dog. Guess you’re banging some grouse and having a good time with your dogs. I’d like to make it up there but probably not this year as the economy is putting some pressure on our business. One of my hunting friends in Charlottesville is looking at one of your pups out of Nixon and he showed me the pictures. He’d be crazy not to buy her as she looks great. If he does’nt buy her I may just buy her and pick her up on my way back from Wisconsin. Hopefully he’ll buy her. Take care and thanks for a great pup. I’ll let you know how Wisconsin goes.

All The Best
Mark Hutchison
Email from Dr Solon Rhodes about his CH Long Gone Boston pup…3 months and change..pointing and holding, grouse

“The best part of the trip was Kooper had three solo grouse points; one on Wed. in some pines and when I stepped into the pines to flush, the grouse went out across a cut where I only had a glimpse of it because of the pine trees and no shot. If only Kevin had been with me and standing in the cut. Thursday morning Kevin was knocked out of action when his gun failed. We were traveling back to NB for the second trial weekend and stopped in some Irwin Co. timber lands for a short hunt off route 11 south of Ashland. Kooper had two more nice grouse points and Brie had one. On one by Kooper, the grouse walked away from him right out in front of me, maybe 15 feet away. I was thinking I should kill this bird for him on the ground, but hesitated because it was too close. It then flushed and I missed a fairly easy shot. He pointed another on the side of a pre-commercial thinning lane and in toward the heavy cover and when I went to flush it, I could barely see it leave. Nevertheless, I was real happy with him as he has started to hunt and pointed and held for me to flush 3 grouse and he is not 4 months old until this Thursday. Good early developing Boston pup ahead of the curve.”
Last year I did not get to hunt her to much because of age. This year is whole new Story!! I applied some training strategies that you showed me all of September and this FREAKIN’ dog is something else.

Hunts within range and covers ground very well. She does very well with grouse for a youngster, and really, her first year hunting. Here we have 3 grouse and 2 woodcock and we missed that many again this day. That she pointed!! I have a hard time pulling Scout of the crate this year. He is running well. Much better than when you saw him but really doesn’t hold a candle to Bea when it comes to handling and finding birds this year!! We are finding good grouse numbers with woodcock being way down. Haven’t even seen any Robins yet so I don’t think the migration is late this year.

Thanks Lloyd, Curt
Hi Lloyd
This is Jim Miller from Washington Pa. I bred my female Daisy to Boston in January. I was just wondering how you are doing and hoped the storm didn’t cause you to much damage. I kept 2 Pups out of the litter and they are really doing good. They are a little bit award when they run because there legs are so long. There almost 6 months and I am going to put them in a few walking trials just to get them exposed to whats going on. The female is about 95 percent White with very little Orange and she is a little bit bigger than her brother and are both as big as my bitch. I think they are going to be very good runners. The Male is mostly White with some Orange on his face he stands a lot like Boston when he points his nose is aimed in the air. Very beautiful pups and they have a lot of promiss in them and very smart and training very easy. I have them whoaing a little bit I am going to take it slow and not push them to hard mostly just letting them be thereselves. Maybe see you in the Grouse woods this fall, I would love to come up that way hunting I have never been up there. Well thanks again for studding 2X CH. LONG GONE BOSTON to my bitch they made great pups.

Your Friend, Jim

Thanks for taking the time to show me your dogs in action Sunday Morning – that was unbelievable. It’s a real pleasure to watch a well trained dog work – yours are awesome!

As soon as I get out of South Boston and get a little more room, I’ll be tracking you down again. Best of luck this season and let me know if you ever make it down to Boston….I could probably track you down some tickets.

Thanks again, Scott Mackie
Mr. Murray:
I trust you will be interested in this photo of: “Boston N’ Liz’s Bonus” . She is out of the litter Dean Reinke and Cathy Lewis raised. “Liz” is doing a good job on the wing. I hope this photo forwards.

Andy Johnson, Michigan, GOD bless
“Jackson” is from the royal cover dog breeding of Long Gone Boston (Cracklin’ Tail Speed x Long Gone Agnes) and Uplander’s Elouise (Shady Hills Billy x Uplander’s Contessa). The precocious young male showed immense talent to be a horseback shooting dog from an early age. Recognizing his potential, I took my time with Jackson to nurture his hunting instincts and steady him. I won the London Field Trial Club Open Derby with him in 90 degree heat with 4 crisp pheasant finds this past August.

I kept Jackson handling close during workouts all spring, shooting birds for him to maintain cooperation and intensity. I took Jackson to Michigan in April and he had two commanding performances on the wide open Ionia grounds. He won the Farmer-Sportsman Derby stake with 6 finds and got Runner-Up two days later in the Michigan Shooting Dog Championship Derby Classic with 7 finds.

Jackson is a dog that makes you sit high in the saddle. His style on the ground is electric and he has a tenacious ability to find birds. He drips with style on point and looks no different backing.

Spencer Ray

Congratulations on winning the Empire Championship with Long Gone Boston. It makes me proud to own one of his pups. If you recall, I bought the pick of the litter out of Tiger Lilly. I call her Tinker Bell. She is now 16 weeks old and may be one of the smartest pups I have ever owned. I take her for a walk every day and she is now starting to hunt and run a bit. She will “kennel”, go into her box on command, heels, whoas and comes when she is called. I have put zero pressure, just showed her what I want and she catches on remarkably fast. She is the first dog I have ever had that actually is trying to anticipate my next command. Sometimes while heeling she will stop, knowing that the next command is going to be whoa. I am going to show her some birds this weekend.

Pete Campsey

How are you? Just thought you’d get a kick out of knowing that yesterday at the Grand Valley Bird Dog Club’s spring trial run on the Ionia field trial grounds, my Boston pup Tess–handled by Spencer Ray– placed 3rd in the Open Horseback DERBY stake…at only 9-months old! These grounds can really show a dog, and she showed beautifully. Boston is sure putting out some nice pups. I’m heading to PA later in the week for the Ontario Grouse Championship & Venango Puppy Classic…maybe I’ll see you there.

Best of luck,
This was the last pup and the one I kept from last years litter.Joe took her down south for two weeks over the winter to get her out of the house,it was almost impossible to do anything with all the snow.When she got back I started working her and Emmy on the gravel roads in N Yarmouth Water District. just to try and keep them in shape, lots of snow And when the woodcock returned got them out three times a week.There was still quite a bit of snow,but the woodcock were in the few bare spots that the sun had got too.When I took her to Joe’s a week ago.I could walk in front of her and when I was running her and Emmy together she has been backing. Seems to come to her naturally,but we will see. She is long bodied and long legged. Hopefully will catch up with you at some point

Hi Lloyd,
Thought I’d send you a recent pic of “Tess”, my LG Boston x Waymaker Terrific Cassie (Stone Tavern Matrix x Humes Powerstroke) pup, now almost 8-months old. She is smart, has a super nose, looks great on point and is steady to flush, with zero pressure used to date. She is becoming more independent each time out, yet wants to go with you. Only time will tell, but based on what I see so far I’m excited about what the future may hold. Take care and best of luck this coming season! -Dale

Boston Pup 2010

Just wanted to let you know what a terific dog you sold me. Six months old and has been hunting with great success.for about a month. Holds point very well. Very easy to train.

Jack McNulty

Hi Lloyd, hope this finds you well! I thought you might like this pic of “Tess”, my 4-month old LG Boston x Waymaker Terrific Cassie (Stone Tavern Matrix x Humes Powerstroke) pup. Took it this morning during a training session. She’s coming along great…details on the Coverdog Message Board. Anyway, just wanted to tell you I’m another satisfied Boston pup owner. Take care and good hunting!

Carmela and I went to the National Pointing Dog Museum in Grand Junction Tenn a couple of weeks ago. I have enclosed a picture of a plaque that I took while I was there, which I believe is your grandfather and I thought you might like a copy. Abby is down at Dave’s as we dropped her off on our way th NE May 26th. She has had a great first season. I shot 117 birds over her points, mostly quail here in Florida. She was in 3 field trials and finished 1st, 1st, and 2nd. I also entered her in 4 hunt tests which she qualified all four times and her lowest score was a 39 out of 40 and recieved her junior Hunt test certificate from AKC. I am anxiously waiting for Oct. How was the weather this spring up there as far as the Grouse hatch goes? By the way Abby went into her first heat in March at 14 months of age. hope to see you in the Fall

Ed Courtemarche
I bought one of your pups of long gone Boston and like a streak from Doug and Anne(and she is much better looking than doug) I bought a female . And she has to be the best setter I have ever had.She is now 3 months and extremely smart. After I had put m,y 14 year old setter Molly down ,my wife said we will never get another dog. After I brought her home she fell in love with this pup. We named her lilly. I thought I would e mail, you to tell you what great dogs your lines have . Probably will not hunt her much this fall but looking to send you some pics as she gets older . Thank you , and if you talk to Doug and Anne I hope you relay this message …Thank You Dave Aziz
Hi Lloyd,

Just thought I would let you know how pleased I am am with both dogs I got from your bloodlines. Scout ( LG BostonXLG Murphy bitch) Is really smart and very trainable. Perhaps the best I have seen and I have seen a lot. He continues to push birds right now but starting to realize he is not going to catch them and pointing more. Grouse are very plentiful and finding them is easy this time of year when the berries are out and starting to drop. I have got him on at least 50 wild birds and many Quail. In a couple weeks I will start shooting over him (Quail) and really expect him to get the picture real quick.

Mabel (LG BostonXLG Nixon bitch) She is 2 months behind but shows the same enthusiasm for birds. She loves the Quail. Finds them Quick and puts it into another gear after she does. She does show a bit more athleticism than scout but is a bit more independent also. Still wanting to please and hunts well with ME at this point. I have yet to get her on wild birds because the tall underbrush keeps her to close and I don’t want that to carry over into her adulthood. Next month (Sept) I will start going to Eustis and get her in some good bird cover she can handle at this young age. I wish she was a little older.

I will have most of October off and am lining up some good shooters right now to kill birds while I handle the dogs. There are a lot of Mountain ash berries this year as well so November and December look real good as well with the grouse populations being high.

Looking forward to getting pup from Scott Mondor this winter . He has a real good bitch and will be hunting over his dog Ghilly this fall as well a bit. Says he will be breeding to either Boston or Buck.

Real good job with your breeding over the years Lloyd. These dogs are a step up ( or two ) from the dogs we used to handle in the ‘70’s.

Best to you and your family,
Curt Cote
Hey Lloyd I got first in the horseback derby with the tri color Long Gone Boston derby this past weekend. It was hot, dry and tough on the dogs but the little bugger had two broke pheasants finds and was relentless on the ground and a handful at pick up time!

I got first in the horseback shooting dog classic with Kevin Klein’s Texas Honey Bee so the “grouse dogs” can sure win from horseback too!
Take care,
Spencer Ray

Lloyd, Here is a pic of the Boston X Waymaker Terrific Cassie. He is now 6 months old and is the most intelligent pup that you could ever ask for. He loves to hit the cover and has a great nose. Well pleased with this pup. We will send more pics as he progresses.
Thanks for your time,
Bryan Rathbone
If her style ever comes on she will be a keeper !! Thought you would enjoy some pictures. She’s showing a lot of promise. Thank you for everything! Great pup, we love her!!
Hi Lloyd,

Hope this finds you well. Thought you’d enjoy knowing that LG Boston daughter Ruffwing Destiny (Tess) won RU-CH at the 2015 AKC Grand National Amatuer English Setter Championships (horseback) on the Nebraska prairies! She was handled by her new owner Joe Vinsky, and this is a picture of her at breakaway. Tell ole Boston he should be proud!

GRAND NATIONAL AMATUER CHAMPIONSHIP Judges: Kevin Stonehouse-24843/Stan Truksa-Z3440

Place Full Name Handler Breed/Sex

1 – Ridge Creek Pied Piper “Piper” O/Chuck Brandes H/Cynthia Findley English Setter/F 2 – Ruffwing Destiny “Tess” O/Joe Vinsky H/Joe Vinsky/Wayne James English Setter/F

Take Care, Dale
Subject: Update on Pemi.. Doing great as you would expect..

Hi Lloyd,

Been a while since we were last in contact but just wanted to let you know I had Pemi (Conway/Boston litter) out to north Dakota Put her on some very tough North Dakota pheasants an she was awesome as I’m sure you would have expected. She was too young to go with us to ND last year so up until now has only been hunted locally. In ND we hunt only wild birds in public walk-in’s (I can hunt stocked birds locally so only the tough smart birds if I’m driving half way across the country.) Her first point out in ND was a sneaky Rooster which was trying to get way by sneaking back through our line, She locked up on him tight and I had to release her twice to reposition on him before she finally got him pinned and I put him up.. A real thing of beauty and great handling of a crafty bird. Anyway, Long Story short, we are very pleased with her she is doing great ! Thanks Again for such a great dog !

John Konicki
Good morning Lloyd,
While hunting in Barre, Ma. Yesterday I bumped into Steve Levesque and had the pleasure to talk to him for a few minutes. He noticed my dog and made the comment, “that’s a Long Gone Setter if ever saw one”. He was right, it’s 21 month old “Moby” buy Boston / Zeana. He’s doing awesome, i sent him to Dave Hughes in June for a couple of months. When I picked him up Dave had him broke, but he’s young and makes mistakes. Dave compared him to Your Mersadis, which was a great compliment, coming from Dave. Anyway, I’m hoping you could forward this message to Steve. I was explaining to him how good the hunting can be there for grouse, woodcock as well as the stocked pheasant but I got the feeling he didn’t believe me. Pictured below is Moby with a hen pheasant against a stone wall that afternoon and a limit of woodcock from the morning. We moved 13 woodcock and 7 grouse. The are grouse doing just fine thanks to our crappy shooting Best and thanks….
9 month old pup out west by Boston ex Grouse Ridge Haze (she by 4x CH Long Gone Buckwheat)
shot on Christmas Eve 2015

Maddie is a pleasure to train and hunt with. she is very biddable, lots of bottom and runs with a high cracking tail. She truly shows off her bloodlines!

Best regards
Brit and Tina Forrester
Spencer backing Maddie on a Northern California quail hunt. Boston should be proud!!
Zeena pup

Lloyd Happy New Year. Here is a picture of my Zeena pup by Boston. She has a wild covey of west Texas quail pinned. She is a real joy to hunt with. All business and learning fast.

This is a pup out of Boston / Tracey’s Tiny that is 10 months old. He won a local chukar challenge going 6
for 6 retrieving all birds shot over him. What a great pup beating out a field of 20 dogs.
Thanks. Taylor Potter
Hi Lloyd,

Spoke with Bob Lang the other night and told him how pleased I am with my Zinna two and a half year old bitch by Boston. Am thinking about another Long Gone pup this coming spring. Thought I’d check with you a see if there was any chance you might be contemplating breeding Mersadies. Know it is a long shot but thought I’d ask. Headed for Montana this October then hunting my way back to PA. Planning to take advantage of the great quail numbers in Texas this coming winter. Down to 3 dogs right now and one of them is nine. Please keep me in mind for something special this coming year.

Mike Watson
A littermate to Long Gone Porky by CH Long Gone Boston
Lloyd wanted to send you a couple of pictures of my male pup that is a mate to Porky. He is coming alone
pretty nice. He is a Boston pup for sure.
Thanks, Ronnie
Littermate sister to Long Gone Mersadies, “Kami” hunting pheasants out west with her owner Rob Matson, Nov. 2016
My son purchased a female puppy from you out of Boston and the Taylor’s Havelock female in September 2013. She is now 3 years old and doing great. This is a picture of her on the 2016 Utah pheasant opener. The week before she was nailing ruffed grouse in the aspen and maples. Thanks for this amazing and beautiful dog!

Lee Jacobson