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Grand National Grouse Champion – GNC 4x CH Long Gone Buckwheat
Multiple Champion Long Gone Buckwheat with The National Amateur Woodcock Championship Trophy and The Grand National Grouse Championship Trophy (Oct. 2015)
GNG 4x CH Long Gone Buckwheat
GNG 4x CH Long Gone Buckwheat is out of our setter award winner and 2x CH Long Gone Daisey. Daisey is the only dog in history to win all three wild bird futurities, on wild birds! Buck’s sire is our young winner and producer, 2x Futurity and classic winner, Long Gone Murphy, he by our two time Grouse Champion, Long Gone George. Royal lineage indeed, especially if you value dogs that excel on wild birds! Buck was the litter pick by my good friend, and Bucks co- owner, Attorney Todd Kalter of Rutland, VT. Todd played with the pup and showed him pigeons at an early age and started taking him to the woods in the early summer of 2008. By midsummer Buck was here at Long Gone Kennels working on released quail and chuckers, and by early fall was pointing and holding woodcock long enough to get a shot! Todd took the precocious setter to northern Ontario to see and hunt literally hundreds of grouse and by mid season was back in Northern NH , being hunted daily on flight woodcock and grouse. We shot “A Lot” of birds over Bucks points! Buck was hunted here until the snow got to deep in late November, and Todd took him to southern VT where he was hunted daily on grouse all through December, he was becoming very proficient at finding and pointing them! In the winter of 2009 the youngster was placed with legendary grouse dog trainer ( and my best friend) Dave Hughes. Dave took him to the woods of PA and training trips to southern Ohio, to continue his development on birds, by shooting chuckers and quail over his points. The dog was not allowed to run, as he always had a real desire to run anyway, and it was not time yet! In the spring of 2009 he was entered in his first puppy stake, The Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic, the most time honored and prestigious juvenile stake in the woods. Dave handled the big black and white setter to first place, with a powerful, forward race (his mama placed second in the Puppy Classic in 2001). Buck placed in a few derby stakes also here in Northern NH and his development was steady. In the summer of 2009 the young setter was worked 4 to 5 days a week here in the thick cover of northern New England. Buck learned from literally hundreds of finds on grouse broods and woodcock. He showed alot of talent, if he did not, he would stay in our program! Bucks’ first derby stake was the Bill Kearns Open Derby Classic ( which his mama won in 2001, and his daddy got runner up in in 2006 ), which he won with a forward, driving race and a broke woodcock find at 25. We entered him in The New England Open Grouse Championship not hoping to win but to see how he would run the Kilkenny Grounds. Buck scored on a brood of grouse at 14 minutes on the left of the course and had a scouted find deep to the right of the course at 21, where we looked for almost 10 minutes before finding him pointing another grouse. Buck backed his brace mate at 31 and finished with series on big, forward, out of hearing casts to the front, and was named champion!

CH Long Gone Buckwheat won the North American Woodcock Futurity ( as did his mama, Ch Long Gone Daisey , 2001 Grandmother CH Long Gone Mittens, 1996 and great grandmother, Long Gone Giggles 1993 ) in Oct., 2009 in Moncton, New Brunswick with Dave Hughes handling with a broke grouse find. “Buck” also won the prestigious “Miss Leslie “Open Derby Woodcock Classic in Nackawic, New Brunswick in Oct, 2009 again with Dave Hughes handling. CH. Buckwheat placed in the 65th Grand National Grouse Futurity in Marionville, PA. on Halloween. CH. Long Gone Buckwheat will be bred to select bitches. Call Long Gone Kennels at (603) 636-2959 for more infromation. The furture looks bright for the big , leggy white and black setter. We are all enjoying shooting birds over his points, daily.

CH Long Gone Buckwheat won the 37th International Amateur Woodcock Championship in Debec, New Brunswick, Oct. 11 and 12, 2014 . Buck ran a great hour and pointed his birds, with style and accuracy. We are very proud of Bucks accomplishments this year, with his RU win in the Fogg Classic on the Cape in March. His win of The Kilkenny Classic ( on both wild and liberated birds ) in April in NH, his being named winner of The Fogg Throphy, as the top open walking shooting dog of the year in New England, and now A National Championbship win on woodcock. His off spring are looking very good, with 2x RU CH Long Gone Studley leading the way, with Grand National Grouse Futurity Winner, Long Gone Conway also a credit to his production

3x CH Long Gone Buckwheat won the 2014 renewall of the 70th running of The Grand National Grouse Championship held this year in Galdwin, Michigan. “Buck” scored on both grouse and woodcock in a very strong hour on the ground. Buck ran big, yet handled ( as a grouse dog should !!! ) for handler Dave Hughes. We could not be prouder of him. We are also proud of the fact that we have bred, won with and shot many wild birds with most of the dogs in Buckwheats pedigree, and so far back that many have “fallen off” the pedigrees. His win, is not what we call “A ONE HIT WONDER “..where someone gets lucky and wins with just one dog…but he joins a long line of solid grouse dogs that we have bred and owned that have become Champions, on wild birds, in the last 4 plus decades of line breeding English Setters. “3x CH Long Gone Buckwheat” is not only a Champion field trial competitor at the highest levels in our sport, but a wonderfull hunting dog who we kill a lot of birds over his points every fall. His disposition is loving and kind. And just for the record, we do NOT own a tracking collar, don’t use one, don’t know how to use one, nor do I want to know how to use one! If my dog is running so far out of control, that I need a tracking collar to find him or her….I am doing something wrong! Just my not so humble opinion. Thank you , as always to Dave Hughes for taking “Buckwheat “ to Michigan and handleing him for us to this great win.



Saturday, December 06, 2014
Subject: Bea’s been bred!

Hi All,
As most of you know, it appears Bea has been successfully bred beginning on November 25th (11th day), followed by 11/27 & 11/29, which allowed me to get her to Long Gone Setters & pick her up on Sunday the day before my left hip surgery on 12/1. The setter gods certainly smiled upon me to get that kind of timing! Many thanks to Greg for accompanying me on the NH excursion that Sunday & to Lloyd Murray for “getting the job done”. I currently have 8 people who are interested in getting a puppy out of Bea, who was bred to CH Long Gone Buckwheat who in October won the International Woodcock Championship in New Brunswick & in mid-November took the Grand National Grouse Championship in Michigan with Dave Hughes—I guess I got the right sire!!! In addition to Lloyd Murray & myself getting pups, Dennis, Bill Robinson (2 of his sports, Bill & Tom) are also on the list, as well as a couple of other hunters who have contacted me.

The litter is expected to be whelped around January 24th with all puppy pick-ups being required no later than Monday, March 23, 2015 (approx. 58 days post whelping) as Greg & I will be headed to Belize to catch Permit on Thursday March 26, 2015.

Best to you all!
A recent letter from ther breeder of the legendary winner and produceing setter 6x CH Stillmeadows Jim ( and an old friend ) Nov. 2014

“Dear Lloyd,
Congratulations of Buckwheats recent win of The IAW Championship. (He wrote this before Buckwheat won the Grand.)

If you ever need a recommdation on his producing good offspring feel free to pass on my phone number 513-683-3501.

My Sue weighs 43 lbs. with a wide strong body. My hunting buddy for 22 years told me after our hunting trip to Montanna this Sept. 15th she is the best dog you have ever owned. She is the complete bird dog, has style, indurance and a superior ability to find grouse, including sharptails, huns, quail, woodcock and grouse……..”

Sincerely, Jim Rogers
Hey Lloyd,
Congratulations on Buckwheat’s win at the Grand National. Are there any details on the web from the trial reporter?

I need to say I couldn’t be happier with Sugar; she’s fitting in nicely at home and is quickly endearing herself to my wife. She’s definitely a high energy dog, when she’s moving she’s going a hundred miles an hour but the great thing is she has an off switch and loves spending time on the sofa relaxing beside me or my wife. As I reported back to you, our trip to Geraldton was very successful from the standpoint of making the introduction to birds and gunfire; Spruce Grouse are great training birds.
The week started with me driving two tracks off of logging roads to find grouse picking grit, when I came across birds I would let Sugar out of her crate and lead her into the birds. She sailed right into the first two birds she contacted, no point. You could tell something clicked with the third bird, she was very cautious as soon as I let her out of the truck and she slinked along the trail. When she identified where the bird was, she ran in and busted it. The forth bird was a repeat of the previous bird, except when she located it she pointed it solid with a poker straight tail (so much for my concern that she carries her tail over her back). She held point for an impressive amount of time but when the bird started getting nervous she went in. To say I was ecstatic about her performance given that she was only 16 weeks old would be an understatement of epic proportions.

After the fourth bird I started introducing gunfire, first with a blank gun, then a .22 and eventually a 20 gauge. Initially was shooting behind us, being very mindful to watch her reaction. The transition from blanks to shotgun occurred over two days, culminating with me shooting her first bird on the fourth day we were out. Initially I thought I duffed the shot, but I heard the bird flapping on the forest floor. I went in to collect it but to my surprise, Sugar dove into the cover and found the bird. She goofed around with it for a couple seconds and then picked it up and ran it back to the trail. Again, I was ecstatic.

Once she had the bird shot over her there was a noticeable change in her demeanor, she was hunting! She started ranging out further, getting out of visual range and diving into cover. On one trail she slammed on point, then broke and relocated, slamming on point a second time then broke again. I saw a ruffed grouse run across the path about 15 yards up from us.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with the way she worked, I’m very optimistic that she’ll make a great hunting dog and would like to get the opinion of a pro on her potential to be a trial dog. Do you think you could talk to Dave Hughes so I can contact him about taking Sugar on board for training?
Best Regards
Hey Guys,

Got home safe and sound Sunday night. the pup was great during the 9 hr drive, handled everything in stride. Made the introductions to my other two dogs last night, things went relatively well. She’s slept through the evenings with a minimal amount of wining which is great. She’s probably the best acting pup I’ve had, very bold and nothing really bothers her. I think she’s going to be a great dog. Rick, my apologies, I never thanked you for driving from Maine to drop her
off at Lloyd’s place. It was greatly appreciated. I’ll provide updates frequently on how she progresses.

Regards, Steve
Dear Long Gone Kennel,

I purchased one of your pups from Long Gone Buckwheat and Long Gone Pebles last spring with the help of a good friend Joe Dahl. I have always owned English Pointers. This is my first Setter. We named the pup Tilley. I was able to hunt her every Thursday thru Saturday for all October and November on grouse and woodcock up here in Northern Maine. She is doing fantastic. She was finding and retrieving dead birds on a regular basis and was finding live birds on her own and was starting to hesitate before bumping them at the end of the season. I am expecting good things from her this fall. I keep her right with me most of the time. I am an accountant so she sleeps under my desk on most days and has become a celebrity with most of my clients. She has been the easiest dog I have ever trained. She is very calm and well behaved most of the time.

Thanks for breading a great dog. Sincerely,
Ken Carle
Mr. Murray,

Happy holiday greetings. I bought a pup from Buckwheat and Ivy last year and my friend Tupper got the male. We are both greatly pleased. My brother in law has been so impressed with the pup that he would like to get one from your kennel. I took her to Ontario this year and she is doing well on wild and pen reared birds. I think he found that Mr. Flanagans pick from that breeding is for sale as a started dog. He prefers a pup, however, is intrigued with the notion of having my dogs sister. Give me a call and we can discuss some options. I would like to hear what you did with your pick from Buckwheat and Ivy and how that dog is progressing.

Thanks, Kevin Shanabrook
Thanks, I’m very impressed with the pup from Rick Despin. [parents Buckweat and Pebbles] . Jeff George
Don’t mean to be “Braggadocios”. Just feel that the breeder needs feedback on the results of the breeding. Ergo, the detail in my messages so you know his progress.

He’s done. Steady to wing and shot killing birds. Backs 100%. Best temperament of any setter I have ever had. Retrieves decently. Good hunting range.

And get this—I really did not “train” him. Showed him once or twice and he “gets it”. I tell Suzanne I am going to” train” most mornings but really going for walk in the woods and fields with a bird or two along the way.

Summer heat and vegetation tough so would not hear much from be till fall. Just going for our walks and reinforcing his behavior by encounters—no”training”. Does everything almost perfect—AND AT 6 MONTHS!!!! AND WITH CLASS!!

Ted (and Garth)
Lloyd, Bella now whoas, heels and stands off lead, follows hand signals in the field, checks in and stands pigeons with style and confidence, yet regularly sits on the porch with one of our chickens guarding the house together. She is starting to show a bit more range. All these things have been accomplished with very little correction and always gently. The other day during a romp in the field she stood a meadowlark and my wife’s mutt raced up and mouthed her on the ears and head while she stood steady, unbelievable poise. I needn’t remind you that she is only four months old. This may be the best bird dog I’ve owned and that is saying something: I once finished a pup as an AKC senior hunter at 11 mos. Pictures of this later.

Kevin, Buckwheat puppy/2013
Dear Lloyd,
On behalf of my family I cannot thank you enough for our new pup Ronan. Every day has been a joy. Even at the young of 12 weeks I’m amazed at his intelligence and eagerness to please. We have received so many compliments on his personality, disposition and confirmation, he is a neighborhood favorite with the kids and gets plenty of attention and love. He even has his own Instagram that my daughter made for him. “Birddogronan” He loves his daily runs in the woods, he gains confidence with every run and is beginning to crash through cover like a dog on a mission! He is strong and smart and shows willingness to please every time out. This pup has it all, class, brains and brawn. I’m sure he’ll live up to his dad and moms reputation. Thank you for your dedication as a breeder and thank you for all your help. The setter community owes you a debt of gratitude for the fine dogs you are producing. I’m proud to own a dog out of Long Gone Kennels.
Tim Geary

Ch. Long Gone Buckwheat
Ex. Grouse Ridge Ivy
Male pup Ronan whelped 1/1/13
Lloyd, thought you might appreciate a picture of Bella pointing a pheasant wing for fun. Today she smelled her first woodcock after bumping one during a walk. Hope springs eternal.

Thanks for the pup, Kevin (Spring 2013)
Dear Mr. Murray, t he puppy you gave us is great. He is getting along fine with our 11 year old German Shepard which was a huge suprise, the Shepard Maggie is gentle with him but will show him whos dominant if he gets to wound up. We recently took Rocket to the back of our woods with Kevin Shanabrooks pup. Rocket loved jumping over the logs, he even jumped one about twice his size. He already knows the command “here” and does ot on a regular basis. He is very athletic and can run for a very long time. I think he’ll be a great hunting dog when he’s older! Thanks again!

Sincerely, David and Tupper Dorsey (Spring 2013)
Lloyd ,wanted to give you an update on Ace. His enthusiasm for even these tweety birds is unreal. I have never worked with a dog that is doing what he’s doing at 14 weeks. We haven’t found any flight conditioned quail yet but can’t wait to get him some. These pics are from tweety birds around the house…..they are driving him nuts. His points are probably by sight alone considering these birds don’t have much smell but that’s all he wants to do when he’s out is chase birds around the yard. I was wondering how to get him involved in the futurity trials I believe he would do outstanding if not place highly.

Thanks, Shane muse
The results of the White Mountain Open Derby Classic, Spring 2012

First ; Long Gone Conway, with Dave Hughes
Second; Sutters real MacCoy, with Colleen and Lloyd Murray ( Connies littermate brother )
Third; Chaz, posed by Dr Ryan Canalis
Connie won the Pretiougous Grafield Wall/ Clifton Hale Open Derby Classic a week later also!

Both Conway and MaCcoy are by CH Long Gone Buckwheat.
Winner, 64th Grand National Grouse Puppy Classic, April, 2011, New York State: Long Gone Conway
by CH Long Gone Buckwheat ( who won the 62nd Puppy Classic in PA.

Here’s a picture of my pup, Rick’s Waltzing Matilda-”Tilley”. She is out of Long Gone Buckwheat and Karen’s Kasey Lee. Welped on 5/21/2011. I picked up this pup from Dave Sickley on 7/14/2011 at 8 weeks old. The first week I had her she pointed a brood of 6 grouse! At 8 weeks!! Since October 3rd she has pointed, not bumped, put pointed- 171 grouse and woodcock out of 332 flushes! She’s not yet 6 months old. What a pup!! I’d be happy to talk to anyone about the dog, just don’t ask me where I’ve found that many birds.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity of such a great dog.

Rick Newman
Lloyd I thought you’d enjoy this shot of 3 Long Gone Buckwheat dogs pumping iron from the roading harness! I am very happy with how they have come along, I took my time extensively with them and killed a truckload of birds for each and they are right where I need them for derby stakes this fall.

Spencer Ray
Race took first in a 20 dog puppy stake at Dubois. Kevin’s male Pepper was second and a littermate to Pepper also ran very well. Your boy Buckwheat seems to have sired some nice young dogs.
Dear Lloyd,

Thanks for putting me on the Kevin Klein & Buckwheat – Copper Litter. We named her Daisy and she has been great so far. She even won a puppy stake. I do like seeing the blue ribbon. Don’t know if you remember, but our older setter; the mostly white one, in the photo – is from George.


Just wanted to write you a quick note.

I have a 13 week old pup out of Texas Redhot and Long Gone Buckwheat, this is my first upland dog and all I can say is wow! The instincts this pup has are unreal, loves getting in to cover, not afraid of anything and points like a champ. I had her out with a training group the other day and she was scenting and pointing planted pigeons with no problem, and held her point. She was doing better than Wiemeraners that were five months old.

I just wanted to say Thank you for producing such remarkable dogs, I feel truly fortunate to own one.

Patrick Blain
London, Ontario
CH Long Gone Buckwheats Littermate Brother
Hello Lloyd,

I hope this find you well and you are having a great season. We have had our way with the woodcock.

Avery (tre) has been nothing less than amazing. We have shot well over twenty birds over him this season.

The woodcock have been plenty but the grouse far and few between. To date we have only shot 5 over him. He has had at least 15 finds and points. But, we are just not seeing the number I anticipated. I hope your coverts are doing better than mine.

We are off the The North East Kingdom for the weekend. I hope we can put a few more grouse on the ground.

Everyone that hunts with me and Avery is very impressed with Avery. I always tell them about you and your kennel.

Thanks again for one hell of a dog.


Mark T. Beauchesne
Advertising & Promotions Coordinator
New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
11 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301
Cell (603)419-0520
My wife gave me for Christmas your grouse hunting CD – I want to thank you for something worth watching – great job -for a long time grouse and woodcock hunter, I had my first setter in 1954 – raised and trained setters and shorthairs for over 30 years – I recognize some faces in your tape I haven’t seen in many years, the last time I saw Lloyd he was a young man – one of my old dear friends I know would feel the same Bernie Mortellaro – a caveman to the computer and thanks to my grandchildren I can now watch your show – good luck,

Al Juliano
Hi Lloyd,

George Hodgson called me yesterday and said I could get one of his male puppies. I saw a pic of Bea and she is big and beautiful just like you said. I love the breeding, lots of your best dogs in there. I saw that Buckwheat`s daddy is Murphy – same as my dog. And I would put my dog`s bird finding ability up against any dog, at least on mearns quail. And both of the dogs I have now have LG George as there grand daddy and I`ve told you that Linda`s old dog is a George – Sage. I have had phenomenal success with your bloodlines. So I am very happy and can`t thank you enough.

George also told me that if you did not take a male then I could actually have my pick between the two of them. Michelle would love that. When we started this process I had promised her she could “pick” a puppy. But regardless, I am thrilled to be getting a pup out of that litter. And the timing works out well for me too. That pup will be on lots of wild birds next Fall (if it rains out west)

Thank you for all your help and input. I have invited George to come hunt with me in AZ next winter. The offer extends to you as well. It`s a great place to be in Dec and Jan and the mountainous oak – savanna country that the mearns quail live in is gorgeous. It’s also been a fairly wet winter in the desert so the gambels quail have a chance of staging a comeback. We used to see 200 in a day`s hunting and the singles hold great for pointing dogs. Lots of shooting, lots of fun. I’ll likely start the season in WA and MT like I did this year. Hope to run into you one of these days. Take care.


I am looking for another pup, preferably a female of similar disposition, conformation and bird finding ability as Bella. You may remember you sold Tupper and me the brother and sister pups from Grouse Ridge Ivy and Buckwheat. They have both matured beautifully and have style, great bird finding ability, biddability and lovely dispositions. If you know of anything coming up that might be in this range of quality anytime in the next 3-6 months let me know. I’m looking for another bitch, color is not as important. Thanks for your time I hope all is going well for you and your family.

Kevin Shanabrook
Hey Lloyd, this is Travis Fellows. I’m friends with scoot mondor. I bought a dog off you last August. She was from the litter of East coast Bella and Long gone Buckwheat. Her name is Pepper Potts. I just wanted to let you know how much we love her and enjoy watching her work the fields. What a smart dog she is! Training her was so easy, she’s a natural no doubt. I wanted to send you a couple pictures of her. Can’t wait for October we are headed to the Alligash. She ought to have a real good time up there. Thanks again for such a great blood line!

The Fellows family.
Thought you might enjoy these pics of Annie, 7 month old sibling to each of your pups…the one that I kept. She’s doing it all & then some! Hope your pup is well & you are having a wonderful summer. May they lead you all to some great bird hunting this Fall!!!Best,georgePS Lloyd thanks for sharing Buckwheat’s genes with Bea to produce one of the best litters I’ve had!!! I think I kept the one with the longest tail!

George Hodgson

This is the pup I got from Mike in NH this summer pointing grouse in upper Ontario last week at 15 weeks. She had 5 productive points in one walk and we killed three birds off point. Best pup I’ve ever worked.

Kevin Shanabrook
15 week old Buckwheat pup pointing grouse.

From the Defending Grand
National Grouse Champion Long Gone Buckwheat to
his newly elected Field Trial Hall of Fame Trainer Dave
Hughes, and from The Murray Family

Hey Lloyd,

Just got back from my annual trip to North Dakota. I’m really pleased with Sugar’s performance. It took her a couple days to figure out how to manage pheasants but when she did she was great to watch.

Sugar was pinning down running pheasants and holding them till I got there to flush. At one point I couldn’t find her, when I finally did locate her ( several minutes later) she was locked on a bird. She was also started pointing dead.

Steve Paraskevopoulos
Lloyd, as you know I own two of your dogs, male from Long Gone Boston (Mooselook Jake), and male from Long Gone Buchwheat/Pebbles (Mooselook MAC). MAC, son of Buckwheat /Pebbles is the best hunting dog I have ever owned. Very fast, high energy, very bold, and an incredible prey drive. This dog is all heart! Are you possibly breeding these two dogs again?

Jack McNulty, Rangeley

Subject: Great Bird dogs from Long Gone Setters

“Mooselook MAC’, son of Long Gone Buckwheat/Pebbles. A great bird dog! Looking forward to the next breeding.
Jack McNulty, Rangeley

Buckwheat pup they call Mr. Mosley
Hey Lloyd,

Hope all is well on your end. Just a brief update on Sugar, had her running in on of my grouse and woodcock coverts today. She was covering a lot of ground with a very industrious search, never stopped moving and was skirting the edge of bell range while still being mindful of checking back with me. Although we didn’t put up any woodcock, when I leashed her back up for the walk to the truck and she locked up on a grouse. Here’s a couple photos, one is of her pointing the aforementioned grouse and the other is of her favorite spot on the couch with her best buddy watching a bit of television.

Best Regards, Steve
A daughter of Buckwheat and Long Gone Pebbles ( she by CH Long Gone Boston ex Ch. Bog Brook Wilma )
enjoying the good life in Canada at The Paraskevopoulos residence/ Spring 2016
I am not sure the feedback you are getting on the other pups but I am emailing you to let you know that you have something here with this breeding and to tell you to not let it slip away. You won’t believe me when I tell you that he’s flat out pointed every bird he’s been put on other than the first bird he’s seen. That’s since 11 weeks of age and he’ll be 21 weeks (I think) this Friday so it’s a good sample size. I still don’t believe it myself. I am not talking about guiding him on a check cord either. He is getting out there and hunting his ass off and finding them out in the brush. He’s got a poker straight tail and it’s always cracking with style when he runs. People are offering money for him and I can tell you that he’s not going anywhere. I hunt with a few trialers / grouse hunters and they are impressed. We have now entered the “don’t fuck this up” phase since I know he’s got a ton of potential and the only thing that can get in his way is me lol. Please let me know if you decide to do a repeat breeding as a few people have asked. I’m pretty confident to say that you and Lloyd may want to keep one this time.

Hope you have survived the winter,
Hey Lloyd,

Just got back from a week long trip to North Dakota. What a great hunt, birds were plentiful, weather couldn’t be better and most importantly, the dog work was phenomenal! Sugar put on a show running down and pinning pheasants with broke dog work. Without fail, every time I tried to relocate her because I thought the bird had run and she wouldn’t move, I attempted another flush and the bird would go up. She ran so hard that her chest, abdomen and inner thighs were stripped bare of hair by the prairie grass. Each night after the hunt I thought she was done and couldn’t possibly go out the following morning but each day she hit the ground running and got progressively better. I wouldn’t let her go for any amount of money!

My name is Siobhán Geary, my family purchased our puppy Ronan from you in the past. He is a great dog, he is awesome with our family, super active and happy and always ready to play! He does amazing in the field as well. My family and I have recently been searching for a new puppy preferably soon or around Christmas time. I was wondering if you had any litters coming up or any available puppies? Please let me know! Thank you so much.

Siobhán Geary
Hi Mr. Murray,

We recently picked up a dog from you in 2013 and we have just now gotten around to registering him. I’m not quite sure whether I would use this or not, but I was wondering if you allowed people to use the prefix “Long Gone” in the dogs registration name. Aside from that, I just wanted to say what an incredible dog Rocket has been. He has an great nose and plenty of style. I am really looking forward to field trialing him in the spring, as well as taking him on a quail hunt out in Texas. We are certainly sold on Long Gone Kennels after seeing how well our dog Rocket has turned out, and we will definitely contact you when we are looking for a new dog. Merry Christmas, and I hope all is well!

David and Tupper Dorsey

Attached is a picture of Rocket about a year
ago pointing a pheasant.