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5X Classic Winner Long Gone Dequan, (3x RU Open Grouse CH Long Gone Studley, ex 4x RU CH Phillips Half Moon)

When Matt Phillips decided to breed his CH & 7 x RU CH Phillips Half Moon (she by 2 x CH Long Gone Boston
ex Grouse Ridge Comet ) to 3x RU Open Grouse CH.
Long Gone Studly we were very happy as “Remmi” is
one of the winning est females of all time. Remmi has
won titles on grouse and also liberated birds. I have
shot grouse over her points, and I can tell you she is
an amazing bitch! Studly’s winning and production record is very strong and we are liking his pups as they
are so easy to work with, as they want to be with you,
back naturally, point birds early and break easily.

DeQuan was whelped in April, so was a bit off age to
hunt as a pup in the fall of 2017 but we hunted him
on wild birds and we shot many for him. I took him on
training trips with our other/ older dogs and worked
him on liberated birds over the winter. The first stake
“Quan” was entered in was the Northern NH Open
Puppy in April of 2018 with hall of Famer Dave Hughes
handling. Quan won first over a strong and talented
field. I ran him in the Amateur Derby the next day,
where DeQuan scored 3 broke finds to win second
and now is qualified for all amateur championships,
for life, as a 12 month old pup! “Quans “ pointing style
is breathtaking as the big tri colored setter points with
a poker straight tail.

In the fall of 2018 i ran him two times, in two open
derby classics, with big entries, on wild birds. The first
was the Jean Sanderson Memorial Open Derby Classic
the companion stake with The Northern New England
Open Woodcock Championship. “Quan” ran a forward,
driving race ( yet handled very easily ) and scored a
broke grouse find, where his bracemate took the bird
out in front of him. The next event De Quan ran in
was The Bill Kearns Memorial Open Derby Classic, the
companion stake to The New England Open Grouse
Championship. “DeQuan was scouted twice in his half
hour and found both times with woodcock in front
of him. “Quan” displayed great style running and on
point coupled with finished shooting dog manners at
the flush and shot to win first in this classic.

 In the spring of 2021 Long Gone DeQuan won or placed in 4 consecutive shooting dog Classics!

1.) The Frank McLaughlin Amateur walking shooting dog classic

2.) The Granite State Open Walking Shooting Dog Classic

3.) The Phillips Brook Amateur Walking shooting dog Classic

4.) The Bernie Murray Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Classic .

We are very proud of “Quan’s” accomplishments. Of course we hunt him on grouse and woodcock almost daily in Northern New England. Most importantly, his pups are looking very good, showing a lot of early talent.

DeQuan Winning the Blue
Long Gone DeQuan wins the Bill Kearns Memorial Open Derby Classic ( fall 2018 )
Long Gone DeQuan winning the 2021 Granite State Open Shooting Dog Classic
U.S. Complete National Amateur Walking Invitational Championship/ the top 12 dogs in the country are invited to compete. Fall 2021