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Long Gone Murphy

2x Futurity Winner Long Gone Murphy
Pete Flanagan of Grouse Ridge Kennels bred his strong female, “Grouse Ridge Queenie” to our multiple Champion Long Gone George several years back. This first litter produced several outstanding dogs including CH. Terhars Maximas. I started hearing reports of incrediable heat tolerance, desire and strong bird finding ability. Peter repeated the breeding naturally and this time I kept a pup, we called him Murphy.

We started “Murph” like we do all our dogs, on birds as little pups in the birdfield in order to evaluate their abilities and style. Murphy passed this first step and made the hunting team for fall shooting. We shot a “lot” of birds over his points that fall. Murphy wanted to run, but we did not let him, we kept him in close and just kept shooting birds for him, of course we only shoot pointed birds, not bumped birds!

The following spring we started “Murphy” in fiield trials. Murphy placed in the International Cover Dog Futurity Open Puppy Classic and N.H. Amateur Puppy Classic as well as some derby stakes while still a puppy. Murph won several “dog of the year” awards for his effortts. Last fall (2006) Murphy was started in his first Derby stake, “The Bill Kearns Open Derby Classic”, Murphy was called back first with a beautiful, forward , driving and stylish ground race, and pointed a covey of birds to secure his placment. Dave Hughes took the big setter up to New Brunswick to run in the North American Woodcock Futurity in October, Murphy won second with another powerfull ground effort and good work on a woodcock in the call back to win this important placement. Murphy was again hunted extensivly that fall as we strongly believe this has such a positive effect on the dogs development, plus we enjoy hunting wild birds! In the spring of 2007 Murphy placed in the pretiougous National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity near Pittsburg PA., with Dave Hughes Handling. Again the big, smooth striding black and white setter caught the judges attention with his ground race, coupled with a stylish broke find at time to win his placement. Murphy also placed in open shooting dog stakes as a spring derby. Murphy spent the fall of 2007 hunting almost daily with a many grouse and woodcock being shot over his points. The future looks bright for Murphy!

We are convinced Murphy will bring a lot of good qualities to the table as a sire, ( just like his daddy) so much so that we are planing on breeding our setter award winner and two time champion, Long Gone Daisey to him in the fall of 2007. The Long Gone Murphy pups I have seen look good, big, strong and have loving personalities. Murphy is the sire of CH. Long Gone Buckwheat, 4 time classic winner, double futurity winner and open grouse champion as a fall derby! Murphy also sired two of the four placement winners in the 65th Grand National Grouse Futurity in Marionville, PA( Boston sired the Winner!) Fall of 2009
Futurity Winner, Cracker..by Long Gone Murphy, Ohio , Winter 2011
Futurity Winner, Bandit, By Long Gone Murphy, Ohio, Winter 2011
Son of Long Gone Murphy “ Moose” littermate brother to our double futurity winner, Long Gone Zeena ( Long Gone Murphy ex Long Gone Madison ) ...Southern Ohio, Winter 2011


Hey Lloyd how are you?I sent you and e mail some time ago…I wonder if you received it…I know your busy..it probably hadn’t gone through.I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful dog..if you don’t remember I’m Phil from Toronto.I got a puppy from you from Murphy and daisy.he is a wonderful dog…thanks.been everywhere from Quebec to Montana he is really coming along great.thanks Phil. I wil try and send some pics.good luck to you in the upcoming trial season. one more thing if I may..what would be a good trial to watch..I’m interested to see one?…thanks, Phil Carno
Jake “hunting...littermate to CH Long Gone Buckwheat
Daughter of Murphy pointing Sharptails in Montana