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Long Gone Pumpkin

From the legendary mating of Stonestill Jesse (she, the all time setter female producer of champions out of a litter we bred in 1986) to our Stokelys’ Diablo Ace came our National Champion, CH. Long Gone Pumpkin.

“Punk” was whelped in the winter of 1994 and was a real pleasure to work with right from “the get go” Like all of our dogs, Punk was hunted hard on wild birds as a puppy. In the spring of 1995 she was started in field trials. Pumpkin ran up an impressive string of puppy wins including the New Hampshire Amateur Puppy Classic. In the fall of 1995 Pumpkin began her derby career with wins in the Florance Harwarth Open Derby Classic, The Blakesly Classic in Marionville, PA. and both the Grouse (also in PA.) and Woodcock Futurities (in New Brunswick), plus many , on both wild and liberated birds ( (including the Garfield Wall/ Clifton Hale Open Derby Classic) wins in the spring of 1996 including the Venango. As a result of all these wins on wild birds Pumpkin won the very first Flanagan Setter Derby Cover Dog Award. I had the privledge of trainning and handling Punk to all of her wins to win this award.
Pumpkin was hunted hard to enhance her development and in October of 1997 she won the National Amateur Grouse Championship with a exciting three find performance. This was a special thrill as we had won the International Amateur Woodcock Championship the week before with Punks full sister, CH. Kalimity Cover Girl.

Punk was bred to a young dog who I liked at that time (he was not a champion yet) in the string of Dave Hughes, owned by Dave Dehuslter from Michigan, named Springfield Judge. “Judge” went on a won the Minnasota Grouse Championship with an unbelievable 9 find performance and followed this up with a win of the Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship.Timmy Post of New York State bought one of these pups, who when bred to our CH. Long Gone George produced BOTH the Winner AND runner up of the 2007 Grouse and Woodcock Invitational in Galdwin, Michigan. This was CH. Springfield Orvis and CH. Magics’ Rocky Bellboa respectivly.” Bud”, as Bellboa is called, won the Seminatore Award for the 2006 / 2007 season given to the top english setter cover dog. I have seen both of these dogs in many workouts and have shot birds over both of them hunting , they are truly, “GROUSE DOGS’. Another from this cross, a female, Magics K-2 won the Kilkenny Classic this year (2007) and was named Runner Up Champion to our Ch. Long Gone Madison in this years North American Woodcock Championship in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

I sold CH. Long Gone Pumpkin to Japanese interests in 1999 but will never forget the thrills she gave me trialing, or all the pleasure we had hunting wild birds with her.