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Long Gone Studly

• Futurity Winner 4 time Classic Winner; Long Gone Studly
• 2014 Runner Up; Ontario Open Grouse Championship
• Runner Up 2014 New England Open Geouse Championship
• Runner Up 2015 Kilkenny Open Shooting Dog Classic, 5 grouse
1 woodcock (1 hour)
• 2015 Winner Phil Fogg Award; Top Open Walking Shooting Dog In
New England
• Runner Up Grouse Champion; 2015 New England Open Grouse

The last time I bred 8 x CH / 4 x RU CH Long Gone Agnes to 5x CH Grouse Ridge Reroy she only had two female pups, and one male. I kept one female, who was 7x CH, 7x RU CH Long Gone Mdison. I sold the other female pup to my friend, Jason Banks from KY. This bitch, Oscaloosa Allie Cat, went on and won multiple titles also, on wild birds.I always felt, and told many people, Allie was a better bitch then Madison, bigger, stronger, breathtaking in point, but she didn’t get the opportunities Maddy did. In the fall of 2010 we bred Allie to our young grouse champion, CH Long Gone Buckwheat, in the winter of 2011, Allie whelped a small litter of two, we kept a male pup, and co own it with Jason, and named him Studly. Right from the get go, Studly wanted to do two things, run, and points birds.

Dave Hughes worked him in the summer of 2011, and then gave him to me to hunt in the fall of 2011 as a puppy. Studly pointed grouse and woodcock like an old dog, I was amazed. We shot a lot of birds over him all fall, then he went with Dave that winter, to the Carolinas, Ohio and PA. I ran him in three puppy stakes here in the Northeast in the spring of 2012, and he placed in all three, winning two of them. he won the NH Amateur Puppy Classic, The MIke Robinson Open Puppy Classic sponsered by the Maine Bird Dog Club and was second in the Northern NH Open Puppy, where Studly had a scouted find, where Dave had to go find him on point! Studly won the New England Amateur Puppy of the year award in 2012. We worked Studly all summer on wild birds and he found and pointed LOTS of them. Studly was entered in his first trial as a fall derby at The Northern New England Open Woodcock Championships, companion Open Derby Classic. Studly found and pointed several woodcock, was palced and was now qualified for most open championships. We hunted him all fall, pretty much every day, we killed a LOT of wild birds over his points, and we kept him broke. In the winter of 2012/2013 Studly went home and lived with Jason ( the dog is house broke and a great people dog) for a well needed rest for a couple of months. We asked Jason, do not run him, he is very tired! By early Feb. Studly was back in trainning with myself and Dave in Ohio. In early April Dave entered Studly in the prestigous one hour National Grouse Derby Classic, where he had a broke find,on a pair of woodcock ran a very strong hour, and was named third. (His daddy placed in this stake also) I ran Studly in The PA Amateur Grouse Dog Clubs, spring trials in Marionville,PA. Studly ran a VERY strong forward race, had a broke find in the callback, and won first, so now he is quailified for all Amateur Championships. Dave took Studly to The National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity at The Beaver Valley PA. grounds, and turned the white and black ticked setter loose, where Studly carded 4 broke quail finds, all accomplished with stunning pointing style, and again placed in a quality derby event. ( His daddy, CH Long Gone Buckwheat won this futurity in 2010 ).

Long Gone Studly was named Runner Up Champion in Marionville, PA over a star studded field of the nations best field trial grouse dogs. Dave Hughes handled the young setter to his first title. Dave relayed Studly look great on his grouse finds, ran very big and fancy and finished his hour very strong. We are thrilled to see Studly win at such a young age ( he is only a first year shooting dog )

In late Sept., with the largest entry in New England and The Canadian Maritimes in wild bird championships this fall, Long Gone Studly won his second championship title of the year, by being named Runner Up Champion, in the time honored New England Open Grouse Championship, in The Kilkenny Region of The White Mountain National Forest. Studly scored two grouse finds to go along with a powerfull, forward race, with temps in the 80’s, and hardly any water on the course. Studly will be invited to next springs Invitational Championship in PA., where the top 14 wild bird dogs in the country ( and Canada ) duke it over over three days to determine, who is “The Best, Of The Best “

2x RU CH Long Gone Studly ( 2x CH Long Gone Buckwheat ex CH & RU CH Allie Cat )
2x RU CH Long Gone Studly with Lloyd and his daddy, 2x CH Long Gone Buckwheat with Ruthie Murray. This father and son team has won three championship titles and several classics on wild birds in 2014 alone, from PA. to Canada.
Dave Hughes placing Long Gone Studly in the National Grouse Derby Classic ( one hour ) on wild birds. PA, spring, 2013
Dave brought Studly north at the end of April to run the Northern NH trials typically the largest trial in the Northeast every spring, with well over 100 dogs entered. Studly won the White Mountain Open Derby Classic over a strong and talented field. Dave ran him in the open shooting dog also, and Studly came through with two broke finds on quail and is now qualified for ALL championships, including The Grand National. I ran Studly in The Amateur Derby Stake, where he won first with two broke finds and a very snappy and classy ground effort.We plan on working Studly on wild birds all summer, as we do all our dogs, getting him ready for the fall trials and hunting in the fall of 2013. We like this dog a lot!
Long Gone Studly winning first, with Lloyd handling, PA Amateur Grouse Trials, Marionville, PA... spring 2013
Spring 2013 Long Gone Studly (CH Long Gone Buckwheat ex CH Allie Cat) winning the Amateur Derby (same dogs won the White Mountain Open Derby Classic day before, with Dave Hughes handling first and third place dogs). Second place dog, is by 2x CH Long Gone Boston and Long Gone Brie and has been winning all over New England with her 14 year old trainner and handler, Kelsey Dillinger . And they say trial dogs are to hard to handle?
Long Gone Studly winning first, with Lloyd handling, PA Amateur Grouse Trials, Marionville, PA... spring 2013


Hi Lloyd,

We are so happy to have our new pup. Tom Laviano is just a wonderful gentleman and his wife Keri and their three sons are a wonderful family. I cannot thank you enough for the time I spent with you and your dogs and for Studly’s hard work!!! Great work if you can get it!! We picked up Reese last Friday and if things continue on their current course she is the smartest dog I have ever owned. In the course of 4 days she is completely house broken. She will actually scratch at the door to go out. She figured out the shelf we keep the food on and when hungry will stand up underneath it and bark. I began clicker training with her immediately and she is learning so fast I cannot believe it. She is sweet, affectionate, intelligent and is the most receptive student I have ever seen. This dog clearly studies us and is looking for the next lesson.

Reese already demonstrates great style and her pointing genetics are showing through. While I have missed many shots, included below is just one. She carries herself with a high head and tail, this girl is a winner.

I know how busy you are but if you ever have the time summer I would like to come up for you to meet her and get her on some resident woodcock.

All my best, Louis
Hi Lloyd

First congratulations on Buckwheat’s GNG win this year!

South Meadow Wilma is our 11 month old female from Kellie Short’s litter (Long Gone Studly x Pauchecks Gertie). She’s had a busy 11 months and is developing into everything we wanted in pup. Bob Lang has been a tremendous help in training and running Wilma with his pup Peanut, Much appreciated. Wilma’s got some wheels but handles great.

Yesterday I ran her on Quail, Huns and Chukar and captured some photos of her.

Thanks again,
Bill Page, Concord, NH
Subject: Studly X Bee Pups

Here is letter I got from a very happy new pup owner from the Studly X Bee litter. All others who are working there pups have had similiar results. We will do this again in the fall as I will be keeping some pups next time. I told him Bee had done well as a pup as well and continues to be the very best Grouse dog I personally have ever had.

I am not sure the feedback you are getting on the other pups but I am emailing you to let you know that you have something here with this breeding and to tell you to not let it slip away. You won’t believe me when I tell you that he’s flat out pointed every bird he’s been put on other than the first bird he’s seen. That’s since 11 weeks of age and he’ll be 21 weeks (I think) this Friday so it’s a good sample size. I still don’t believe it myself. I am not talking about guiding him on a check cord either. He is getting out there and hunting his ass off and finding them out in the brush. He’s got a poker straight tail and it’s always cracking with style when he runs. People are offering money for him and I can tell you that he’s not going anywhere. I hunt with a few trialers / grouse hunters and they are impressed. We have now entered the “don’t f**k this up” phase since I know he’s got a ton of potential and the only thing that can get in his way is me lol. Please let me know if you decide to do a repeat breeding as a few people have asked. I’m pretty confident to say that you and Lloyd may want to keep one this time.

Hope you have survived the winter,

Subject: 3x RU CH Long Gone Studly

Hey Pal
How could I ever thank you My Son just loves his pup.Here is a pick of him and my nephew with a Grouse and two woodcock they shot over Sausage last week.The Pup did just a great job pointed a shit load of birds.The boys had a ball with her to be honest we lost count of the birds she pointed. Thanks again for just a very nice dog Best to you pal……

Paul Scott

Hi Lloyd,

It’s been a while. I have been working a lot with our girl and she is turning out to be a fantastic dog. She has now hunted 6 species of wild birds in 3 states. I flew her with me out to Elko, NV for wild chukars and huns and a bonus was that she pointed sage hens. With a wind in her face she pointed the hens from over 100 yards away!! She is doing well on grouse and woodcock and I have managed to find some nice coverts around Pittsburg, NH so she is getting a lot of contacts. I am thinking of flying her with me to Cochise County AZ for mearns, scaled, and gambles quail in January. My western hunts have been with On Point Guide service and he has fantastic hunting for the birds mentioned. Reese received high praise from the guides out west. As you can imagine they see a lot of dogs that owners bring and everyone thinks they have a great dog. In their experience they have become very skeptical as the dogs either lack ability, training and/ or control. The outfitter said to me that of all the dogs that clients have brought with them Reese is the first dog he wished he owned!! She is graceful and appears to float over terrain. She is a consummate athlete and covers over 15 miles a day and can do that for 5 days straight be it at altitude with wide open spaces out west or on hilly thick cover of NH where she has to bust brush all day. I wish you could see her in action.

After a hard day through thick cover outside of Pittsburg. I did not realize it but when I check our position after uploading my GPS coordinates on Google earth when I got home we were within feet of the Canadian border. I guess that is why those cuts end so abruptly and slash is piled high at the end of the logging road.

My only regret is that I don’t have even more time to hunt with her. She is gaining confidence and ability every day afield and it has been an absolute pleasure watching her progress. As I am hunting her all day when we go on trips it has been hard with just one dog. I am contemplating getting a second dog in 2017 so that I can spell her for half a day each day. Hoping all is well with you and your family. Happy Holidays and Best wishes,

Louis Digiovanni

On a covey of Huns in AZ
Huns and Chukars
Chukars country
A summer scouting trip on awoodcock across the road from my home
March of this year in MD at the Ronnie Smith Huntsmith course
Been hunting everyday. Still finding and killing woodcock and enough grouse daily to keep it fun. My derby that placed up there and in the Futurity had a good afternoon yesterday. He pointed 3 grouse and got one killed over him. Had my male pup out of Studly down with Bob’s, Studly pup today and they tore the cover up looking for birds. The female pointed a grouse and I was able to kill it for her. She’s small so a lot quicker and more athletic than my male right now . He’ll catch up once he grows into himself a bit. He runs with a high crackin tail. She’s completely white. Only one or two little orange spots on her ear. You’d never guess she’s out of Studly.
Studly pup, Thor Kain

Subject: Sausage a/k/a Long Gone Saugus

Hello Lloyd!

Hope all is well and you are enjoying the season. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. We just wanted to touch base with you and tell you what a wonderful dog Sausage (Long Gone Saugus) is. She is a very sweet dog, and is a bird hunting MACHINE. We have shot grouse, woodcock and also some pheasant over her as well. She is all business and so fast! Very impressive. The good news is as I noted, Paul has actually been shooting birds for her – LOL! We wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to own such a wonderful animal. One quick note, do you happen to have any vaccination records for her so we can provide our vet with them? Have a wonderful holiday, look forward to hearing from you soon. I have a suspicion we will be seeing you at the NNHBDC trial in April.

Thanks again!
Maria Scott

The first trial I ran her in, April 30th, 2016. First Open Puppy. Ju Ju won the NH Amateur Puppy Classic the next day also. She is by Studly out of CH Spitfire. All of her brothers and sisters that have been trialed have placed also.
3x RU Grouse CH Long Gone Studly winning the Bernie Murray Amateur Shooting Dog Stake in Fryburg, Maine with Lloyd , May 8, 2016 In the puppy stake also put on by the Maine Bird Dog Club. All three winner were sired by Studly “out of 3 different females“ !

Hey Pal

first off let me wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season.I have been so dam busy with work and dogs just wanted to touch base with you about Sausage.WOW is she a nice one Had just a great season with her won a few puppy trials for my wife and son and we shot a bunch of birds for her…Shis is a first class bird finder and just a great dog to be around.We call her Sausage the savage…Thanks again for the chance to own such a nice Dog…Best to you as always

Paul and Maria Scott

Hi Lloyd,

Thanks for helping me find a pup. Can you please provide me with the information we discussed over the telephone today and I will reach out to them right away. I told my son what you said about getting pick of the litter and he is SO excited. Truth be told, I am very excited as well. Was out with a buddy running dogs today and his very good friend owns Lion Country Supply. This gentleman told my buddy that you are the best breeder of Setters out there. I am very grateful to you for going above and beyond with the help that you have given me. Hopefully I can repay you someday. Thanks again.


Studly pup pointing woodcock this morning. He will be 1 march 19th.