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2019 National Champion
Long Gone Wallace

6x CH Stillmeadows Jim ex CH Kellys Rainbowe Daisey
When Kelly Shepard won the Ontario Grouse Championship with 66 entries as a spring derby with his Kellys Rainbowe Daisey he naturally started thinking about who he would breed her to .Hall of Fame grouse dog trainner Dave Hughes had offered some of the lengendary 6 x Champions Stillmeadows Jim frozen seamen to him as an option. “Jimmy” not only won championships in all three grouse regions (very rare indeed) but had both The Grand National AND Invitational Championships to his massive winning credits. Jimmy not only was a winner but a amazing producer of solid grouse hunting dogs in addition to over a dozen grouse champions!
Hall of fame member Dave Hughes and Porky at 17 weeks pointing quail
Kelly and I kept a male tri colored pup we named Wally. I kept Wally up here and although he was whelped in June, and WAY off age, I shot birds over him late that fall, and the following fall as a 15 month old pup , gave me broke work all fall on literally hundreds of grouse and woodcock. He was the easyiest dog I ever worked and broke. His pointing posture is breathtaking and he simply does NOT want to chase birds, but he loves to find them. Wally does not run real big and is very easy to handle, which means we just let him hunt and listen for the bell to stop. He is a naturally front running dog. We entered him in a puppy stake when he was ten months old and he won The New Hampshire Amateur Puppy Classic. We hunted the hell out of the poor dog that fall. The following spring ( 2014 ) we entered him in 5 derby stakes and one shooting dog stake and he eather won or placed in all of them and was awarded the New England Field Trials Associations Amateur AND Open Derby of the year awards. Wally had a very strong showing in this years ( 2015 ) International Amateur Woodcock Championship ( 3 finds ) in Debec, New Brunswick and was bumped out by his kennelmate 4x CH Long Gone Buckwheat Wally is being hunted very hard this fall 2015 here in Northern NH. Wally will be going to Southern, Ohio later in the fall and will be at Rainbowe Kennels ( 740-493-3419 ) all winter, hunting and being campaigned by Kelly Shephard. Wally is a vigorous breeder and throwing VERY nice pups.
CH. Long Gone Wallace was named Winner and Champion at the just completed American Bird Hunters Associations National Championship in Berea, Kentucky. Wally pointed both wild and liberated birds in a serious hard driving hour of bird hunting. Wally’s style on point is stunning. Wally’s pups are also solid bird dogs and are winning all over the country. Wally’s pedigree offers some of the best in setter breeding available today.
For more information on Wally pups or stud service to this tri colored champion call Kelly Shepherd at Rainbowe Kennels in Waverly, Ohio at 740-493-3419 or his cell @ 740-648-8431 or call me here at Long Gone Kennels at 603-723-4020

Puppies Sired by Long Gone Wallace

From Dick Wyatts “Heartland Setter Kennels “ in ILL.

Thanks for the news about Wally! We’ll watch for the write-up in the field.
Don’t know how, but failed to mention how pleased we are, and the new owners are with their Wally pups. Very smart, attractive & stylish. We hadn’t planned to keep one, as this is Faith’s first litter. However, we were so impressed with them collectively we did! Kept a female and co-ownership of a male. The litter is nominated for the Grouse Futurity, so hopefully some will run. Take care!

Dick Wyatt
Wanted to send you a picture of Hank a Wally pup out of Richard Wyatt Females out of Shadow Oak Bo I am co-owner with is wife Jennifer. I also bought the pick female out of that litter. I took Hank to Iowa with me pheasant hunting. Here is a picture of him 6 and half months. Both pups show some great bird work for there age.
Thanks, Ronnie
Thought I’d send along a pic of a Wally pup for your web site. This is D J’s Damn Yankee by Wally out of D J’s Runninon Faith (CH Shadow Oak Bo X CH Quail Trap Sadie). The pic was taken this past Friday, April 15. “Hank” will be 1 year old May 10 and is coowned by Heartland English Setters & Ronnie Eldridge, Algood, TN. Pretty handsome guy, don’t you think? I’ll send along some pics of other Wally pups once we get trials done up here. Hope all is well in your world.
Dick Wyatt
We are happy to announce our young setter male( we co own with Kelly Shepherd ) was named Runner Up Champion at the American Bird Hunters Open Championships in Berra, Ky.( March, 2018) Wally found and pointed multiple woodcock as well as quail( and backed his bracemate once ) in a very strong hour on the ground. Kelly Shepherd handled the fancy setter to this titular win. Congratulations Kelly and Wally ! Wally’s puppies are looking very good, and winning!
Hi Lloyd,

hope all is well you and your Family….we picked up little “Tehya” back in the begining of May from Kelley’s place in Ohio…me and the wife had a pleasant trip from Toronto…..this little Female is doing great….very Bold and has no fear of anything…she was swimming in our pool at 8 weeks of age and dove in after my wife with enthusiasm ….she saw her first Barn Pigeons a few Days ago at Spencer Rays” Farm….she went Nujtz!! and as of today started backing Simon (my Boston Pup), nice to see the natural talent starting to show in her…she is extremely intelligent, shes already house broke…some pics for you.

Hi Lloyd,
hope you’re having a great summer, here is little Tehya on Birds, she just started and is looking like she’s a seasoned Bird Dog, outta the box and she’s doing it all…..she looks like she’s gonna be a really good one Lloyd, Spencer Ray has only had her a couple of days and is really impressed with her. She is 5mos old. Please let Kelley know as well Best Regards,
Hi, Lloyd,

Hope all is well, little is doing fantastic! Full of natural talent… hunts and runs like an older dog… she pointed Woodcock and Grouse the past couple of weeks in Northern ontario with Spencer Ray, I joined them this weekend to go pick her up and yesterday killed several Woodcock over her Points…

What more can I say! We Love her immensely.

-Rino Grassa