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A Bit About Our Methodology
Long Gone Kennels is NOT a puppy mill.

We are not interested in breeding a bunch of puppies or worse, “common” pups. Our females that we breed
here at the kennel are proven quality animals. They are tested in “wild bird” competition and under the gun.
If they are not meeting the standards we expect, they are not kept in our program, and naturally not bred.

We subscribe to the approach that William Harden Foster speaks about in his classic work,” New England
Grouse Shooting” . “A field trial dog is but a class shooting dog, on public display”.

We insist the pups we produce are successful shooting companions as well as championship caliber grouse
and woodcock field trial winners, anything less, we are not interested in getting involved with.

We have been fortunate in winning three Flanagan awards (and all went on to become champions on grouse!), Four Seminatore Awards for the top English Setter Grouse Dog in the country, as well as four William Harden Foster Awards for the top field trial dog in the country, any breed.

We guarantee our setter pups will hunt the grueling and punishing thick upland cover of the Northeast, and Canadian Maritime Provinces. There are six Grouse and Woodcock Championships run throughout our northeast region, Long Gone dogs have won them all, most several times.

Our current breeding plans can be seen on the interactive Current Breeding News page. There you may comment or leave us a message and we will reply to you. As a service to those people who breed their good females to our winning males, we will make this information available as well. This page will be updated on a consistent basis.