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Oct. 19, 2023

Tony and I with a limit of woodcock we had just shot over his friends dog “Rigby. I call his buddy “Klondike”, as his name sounds kinda like that. I ran out of ammo in this cover !

Klondike, Rigby and me, with a woodcock we had just shot over a good find by this very nice young setter. He pointed a bunch of birds this am. Our shooting started out good and progressively went downhill ! Tony and I were blazing away, but didn’t dent them too bad! After this, I ran June and she had 2 grouse finds, with 2 birds on each find, but they are still flying!( I ran my pup in a different cover at daybreak and she only pointed one bird)We ran Tonys “Ricky” after June and he had a grouse and a half dozen woodcock.

Long Gone DeQuan and “Hank” with a grouse they shot over “Quan” on their Grouse Hunt up North, 10/19.

Sunrise this morning , Fri. Oct. 20 over Long Gone. As you can see hunting and work have the wood pellets not put away yet. Suppose to rain hard the next 3 days…..we have not had a frost yet, amazing!