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Odds and Ends as we approach the end of the Year ! Dec. 28, 2023

Breeding Long Gone DeQuan to Doug Lilly’s CH Shady Hills Billy bred female on Dec. 26, 2023, Doug is looking on. For more information on this prospective litter call Doug ( In VT. ) at 1-802-454-7198.

Oldest daughter Ruthie sees that Santa came to Stark, NH; Dec. 25th, 2023

Christmas shopping in Quebec, Canada, Dec. 21, 2023. First to Sherbrook, then to Coaticook( famous for their cheese ). Behind us is the longest walking bridge in North America, spanning a VERY deep gorge !

Picture shot from my desk on to my front lawn the other day. At my bird feeder, a Cardinal, a grouse and a squirrel!

My puppy Pickles ( DeQuan out of a CH Long Gone Porky ex RU CH Long Gone Juicy female) Pointing. Dec. 27th, 2023. I am going to bring her to Dave Hughes next week so he can bring her south and work her on bare ground this winter.

Although it has been close to 5 decades since I have consumed any alcohol, I must confess I did consume many of this brand of beer back in my Hippy Days of The 1960’s ! I found this bottle in an antique store while Xmas shopping with Snoop last week. Not to pick on the company who made it, but it was not a particularly great tasting brew, but it was CHEAP !