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Odds and Ends ; First week of Feb. 2023

Here’s something you don’t see every day, foxes tied ( breeding ) out in my back field. Picture shot out my bathroom window
I love old barns, this one is breaking my heart as I have been watching it for years slowly cave in. The other half has already caved in. The Cupola on this side is starting to go, I am not sure if it will make it through the winter ? This barn is on Rt 3 in Groveton on the way to Lancaster.
Ruthie and I took all the dogs for a run Sunday Feb. 5, 2023. The day after the record breaking cold snap where on MT Washington they broke the all time cold recorded low temp. ! minus 109 with the wind chill !!!! I ran Porky and DeQuan, she had Libby and Lewa !!!
When we got done running dogs we ( Ruthie, me and Tammy ) went for a dip in the local pool, they swam laps and stretched…I just kind of bobbed around !