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Odds and Ends / July 5th, 2024

Northern NH Moose/ recently

Snoop ( my youngest daughter ) and I saw this bear recently in Vermont. Very cool !

Tammy and I shot this picture in Stark recently. A beautiful rainbow !

While mowing my birdfield, I looked up and saw this deer passing through!

The next few pictures are some road grouse we have seen this week….some had broods, they can fly and are as big as half sized quail.

We saw ” peeps” with this hen.

Tonys “Ricky” pointing a woodcock yesterday 7/4/24

Long Gone DeQuan pointing a woodcock, yesterday 7/4/24

Juniper pointing yesterday 7/4….our first day to the woods. Plenty of rain made for very “Lush” cover!

We had a half dozen grouse and 4 woodcock with two braces.