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Odds and ends, June 24, 2022

This female pup by 6 x Classic Winner Long Gone DeQuan is going to John Setner. The female was Larry Glines nice female. Best to you John.

Yesterday June 23 I met John Stolgitis and Russell Oglivee in Kilkenny so we could work on new courses for The Grand National Grouse Championship. We moved several broods of grouse, here is a shot of a young one sitting in a tree !I think it will be a good year as all things point to strong bird number’s.
While in Kilkenny yesterday working on courses, we saw this dead moose and the turkey vultures were allready at work!
I am a Director of A.V.F.G.A. and at our monthly meeting at The Range last week, this bear strolled by at about the 100 yard maker! Actually there were several of them !