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Odds and Ends/ Mid Jan. 2023

Snoop and I at The Berlin Fish Hatchery checking out the big Rainbows. Snoop was home on Christmas break from Saint Lawrence until Jan. 16, 2023 so we got to hang out and go on adventures each day!
Last week, Snoop and I could usually get a dog run in each afternoon. Here is Porky and Quan. I am sure Snoops dog Lewa is around somewhere!
This day, Sat. Jan. 14, was to icy to run my setters…but we took the house dogs, Mugway and Lewa for a walk.
Snoop and Ruthie meet their ‘ Great Aunt Anna” Jan. 15, 2023. Anna is my Uncle Lens’s wife ( my mothers brother) Anna is 95 years young and is as sharp as a tack! It was so nice to get together with my Aunt and many, many cousins! The old pictures came out of course ! My 2 uncles both played football. Lenny for Boston Collage and George for Holy Cross. Thank you to my cousin, Mary Carlucci and Snoop for organizing this wonderful family gathering.
Ruthie has a new hobby, she wanted to learn. Tying flies ! I showed her what I could remember, and by the fourth fly she was doing better then me ! We made a trip to Cabela’s in South Portland sun. to get a better vice and of course some more “supplies”!
Ruthie showing some early talent for tying flys ! Jan. 16, 2023
Taking the shooting dogs for a spin yesterday, Jan. 17th, 2023. These runs are mostly for me! I need to be walking !