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Odds and Ends / Pictures from my just completed training trip to PA./ Ohio and CT. Feb., 2023

Long Gone Juniper, having quail shot for her on Kelly Shephard’s farm, Sunday, Feb. 19, 2023
Kelly working one of his young “started dogs” on quail. This dogs name is ‘Red” and is a good looking prospect. You can see Kelly’s house of in the distance to the right. The island of cover in the background has a quail pen in it, as does 3 other spots on his farm so we can bird work the youngsters.
Kelly’s ( and Amy’s ) house dog, pointing a Tenn. Red quail, Feb., 2023. Not a bad looking bitch……….
Kelly moving in to shoot a quail over my derby, “Kenny Kilkenny” I think he hit this one!!!!!
Ohio has some nasty bull briar thickets, but that is where the birds hide, both wild and pen raised. Here is Quan pointing, Porky backing and Kelly standing with his shooting dog “Dot” who is also backing, you just can’t see her. These workouts usually end up a little bloody, with ear, and throat cuts.
Sometimes we take them to the big fields, to just run and build wind and muscle. This is a place we call “The Ski Jump”, woodcock are usually in the corners, in the bull briars of course! Here are Quan and Pork loving this bare ground!
I was going near anyway, so just “HAD” to blast the dogs at “Pelton’s Pasture” in East Windsor, CT. One of my favorite places to work dogs in the winter. This time of year woodcock are around, and folks throw out quail all the time, except the Hawks here are especially tuned in to that!
“Kenny ” Kilkenny” ( 2x CH Long Gone Porky ex RU Grouse CH Long Gone Juicy, she by 3x RU Grouse CH Long Gone Studly ( He by Grand National Grouse CH 4x CH Long Gone Buckwheat ) ex Nat. Am Grouse CH Spitfire) pointing birds in his third state this week. It was a good trip for him.