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Overview Oct. 26, 2023

On my way to meet Tony at the first cover yesterday…I saw this moose. That was pretty cool, except Tony saw 3 on his way to meet me!

Tonys dog Max on point yesterday 10/26. We moved 3 grouse and 2 woodcock in this cover.( shots were fired, to no avail !!! )

A pile of bones in the woods, I suspect , Moose.

A northern stream, not to far from the Canadian Border.

June Bug backing Tonys dog Ricky 10/26. We ran three covers and moved both grouse and woodcock in all. Shots were fired at the grouse in all covers….and they are all still there!!!!

Tony holds a woodcock shot over the brace of June and Ricky. My puppy “Pickles” looks on. ( she pointed 2 woodcock and a grouse on her hunt.