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Playing Dog Trainer 3/30/22

June Bug pointing quail in my bird field yesterday March 30. Got together with Thom Richardson and Pat Connors to work dogs in the am on quail with the puppies. Thom and his Lucy, Pat with Snake and Gunner and my two idiots, June and Kenny. Some day the snow will be gone!!!!
In the afternoon, Pat and I met up with Tony Bly and we all went out to run on wild birds. First cover we had one grouse and 2 woodcock. Here is DeQuan and Ricky pointing and backing. We were not sure who stopped first, as we found them like this. How do you like “The Presidentials ” in the background, Mt Washington, MT. Jefferson and MT Madison ?
In the late afternoon we ran Tony’s Ru CH “Willy” dog with Porky in one of Tony’s covers. Here is a shot of Pork backing Willy. Snow and ice were deep and treacherous respectively. As a result we feel good numbers of woodcock are a week or so away here in the higher elevations.
Pat Connors owns these two setters, a puppy, “Snake” on the left and “Gunner” a derby on the right. Both sired by CH Long Gone Porky. Both youngsters are doing fine, pointing and holding their birds and handling well. It was a fun day working dogs with some of our bird dog friends.