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Quan and Oct. 23

Long Gone DeQuan last weekend up on the Canadian Border with a couple of woodcock shot over his points, by “The Hole in The Wall Gang”…Steve “Hank” Sumples buddies.

“Jordie” on point today Oct. 23, 2023 with Kellie Short , her owner, looking on. Jodie is by 2x CH Long Gone Porky out of RU Open Grouse CH Long Gone Juicy. I shot this woodcock for her.

Kellie Short today 10/23/23 with a woodcock just shot over her “Jordie”. Kellie is the only woman in bird dog history to win both “The Grand National Grouse Championship AND The Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship, with her setter Pauckes Tommyknocker. Kellie is holding my 16 Gauge, over and under, Browning Citori with 26 inch barrels, choked, Skeet one and Skeet two. I bought this shotgun in the 80’s and oil it once a year, if it needs it or not!

Kellie look on as Jodie stands next to her daughter, my puppy Long Gone Pickles ( DeQuan ex Jordie) who is holding her mamas bird in her mouth! I ran Pickles with her brother this morning, her first run with a bracemate, and she could have cared less…..she just wanted to hunt, and she had a nice woodcock find.

Lloyd with a woodcock just shot over Kellie Shorts setter male, “Cass” 10/23/23 he pointed 5 birds in his run.

If you see this truck in the covers, it is Kellie Shorts, Maine Plate SETTER with a setter driving !!!!!