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Ran a couple of braces yesterday morning Aug. 15th, 2022 with Tony

I picked Tony up at his house at 5;15 am and off to the wild bird covers we went ! Here is a shot of my derby Kenny Kilkenny pointing a woodcock. Temps were cool, it was very nice.
Here is Kenny Kilkenny backing Tony’s shooting dog, “Max”. I would like to take credit for teaching Kenny to back/ honor but as with most of our dogs, they just pick it right up. Training with another person helps, as we call the other dog in when the first one is on point.( plus they see twice as many birds that way!)
Long Gone Juniper or AKA “June Bug ” pointing a woodcock yesterday. Junie was braced with Tony’s shooting dog, Ricky
June pointing a woodcock, Ricky backing, yesterday morning 8/15/22