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Ran a couple of dogs at Daybreak today, Sun. 24th.

2x CH & RU CH Long Gone Porky pointing woodcock this am. It was 59 when I left the kennel, and 64 when I was done, so it was good, even though it got up to close to 90 today!
Another shot of Porky this morning, pointing in one of my training covers. I was a little whipped as we had the Kilkenny course cleaning day yesterday, and it was very hot!
June Bug pointing one of her 8 woodcock this am. Some were in very, very thick cover and I could not believe she could even smell them !
I heard her bell stop ( Junie ) but it took awhile to find her, but she had this woodcock well located. The woods are very lush this summer!
Being an “old hippy” I love a lot of color, and love summer and all the colorful flowers. This is the front entrance to our porch/ house. We will be back in the woods in the am, as I am meeting Tony at 6 am at the gate!