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Ran dogs with “The Kennedys ” Yesterday, Sept. 19.

I ran dogs with old friends, Jim and Deb Kennedy yesterday 9/19. We ran three braces in the rain ! Here is a shot of June Bug pointing a woodcock and Debs dog MaKeachie backing. Keachie was looking at Deb as we approached. Second brace was our two pups, my “Pickles” and Debs “Jane”. We moved a half dozen woodcock and 2 grouse on their half hour romp! I said “Moved” because birds were flying by us…..scared to death….wonder if the puppies saw them????????lol.

Long Gone DeQuan on a relocation on a woodcock yesterday 9/19 Debs dog, “Hatfield” was backing. Even though it was wet, a great day to be in the woods working bird dogs with old bird dog friends