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Ran dogs with Tony this morning Mon. July 18, 2022

2x CH & RU CH Long Gone Porky backing RU CH Stokely’s Ricky B this morning 7/18. We had a great morning, after meeting at “The Gate” at 5:30 am. We moved 30 woodcock and one grouse. My gun was empty on two braces. We pointed birds in places we have not had birds all summer. Why ? I do not know, but I like it !
Porky pointing a woodcock this morning in Northern NH. July 18th, 2022
“Long Gone DeQuan pointing a woodcock this am, July 18th. I would have had some “good shots” !
One of my derbies, “June Bug “, pointing a woodcock this morning in brace 3. I think she had 5 finds. A very fun morning with Tony. It was starting to get HOT at this point, near the end of the third hour, in brace 3.