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Ran my pups yesterday 2/21/22

Breaking away on a puppy conditioning work out. This spot was a new one for me. It is an unplowed logging road. I did see fresh grouse tracks crossing the road. It was so nice out yesterday ( over 40 Degrees ) I had to get out! The two pups are June Bug ( by Long Gone DeQuan ) and Kenny Kilkenny ( 2 x CH Long Gone Porky ex RU Open Grouse CH Long Gone Juicy). Today I have “Dee Dee” coming back to be bred ( 2/22/22 ) to DeQuan for the second time.
Puppies running !
Making a mental note to get back to this brook and try it for native brookies ! It looks very good. I am off to Peltons pasture ( Flaherty Field Trial Area) in CT. Tomorrow ( 2/23/22)to meet Deb Kennedy and work dogs for a few days.