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Random shots and first day hunting in Maine Sept. 26, 2022

I had to work in the am so Tony and I did not get to breakaway until early afternoon in Maine to begin our bird hunting season. Thank you to Ed Marquis for taking this picture. I ran June Bug in this cover.

We were discussing ( between covers) how Maine seems to rely on natural reproduction in their fish program, and we came around a corner, next to a remote lake, and here was the stock truck !!!!! We asked them what they were stocking and they said, Salmon, about 10 to 12 inches long ! Go figure !

This was the lake they were stocking……it was a beautiful early fall afternoon to be out, with a few bird dogs and shotguns !
First woodcock of the year, with 2x CH Long Gone Porky. It is so nice to smell gunpowder. I shot a woodcock over Tony’s dog Max also. ( but Ed had my phone on Video !I let Porky eat the head so he knows it’s bird season !
Saw this rainbowe on the way home from Tony’s house, I just had to get a picture of it! Going out this am after running some errands.