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Snoop going to Ireland and June Bug/ June 4th, 2022

I have been so busy at my business ( www.chaletcaterers.com ), Catering, painting, spring clean up etc., that I have not kept up on my Long Gone Setters site. Top picture is Colleen ( Snoop ) yesterday just before we headed for Boston to drop her at The airport on her way to Dublin, Ireland for 3 weeks of travel and school ( St Lawrence University )She is posing up our female puppy, Juniper. These ribbons are from the Maine Bird Dog Clubs spring trial. I want to Thank old friend “Tony Bly” for running June Bug for me in the Michael Robinson Open Puppy Classic on Sat. as I had to work. She got first. I ran her the next day , Sun, and she got second. I ran her in 5 stakes this spring, both puppy and derby, she won or placed in all 5. She is by Long Gone Dequan. We are not working dogs now as the birds are nesting and hatching. I am anxious to get out there and see what kind of hatch we had?