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Some History of The Grouse Dog World’ At The Purina Awards, Oct. 31, 2022: Berlin, NH.

Tony Bly and I share a moment and reminisce with one of the “Giants
” of The Grouse Dog World, Wayne Fruchy. Wayne won the “Grand” in 1969 with his great setter, “Ghost Train “, and developed a line of setters who have had a major impact on setter breeding right up to today! Wayne’s dad was a grouse Dog Trainer, and his son Tom was elected to be the new President of The Grand National this past Wednesday evening. And one more thing about Wayne and ALL the Fruchy’s, they are serious grouse hunters
Here is a picture I just HAD to take ! Hall of Fame grouse dog trainer Dave Hughes with The Legendary Wayne Fruchy. Both men have won the Grand National ( Dave a mind boggling 14 times). Dave is in the Hall of Fame, and God knows Wayne should be. This was a great night! Dave took a lot of heat for wearing his “best” Carhart Tee Shirt!
I had the great honor of presenting this plaque to one of my hero’s in “The Game”, Ron Ashfield. Ron is an attorney from Fredericton, New Brunswick and was very instrumental in starting and bringing wild bird field trialing to Canada. His great setter “Just Happy” won The International Amateur Woodcock Championship three times. But his demand as a judge ( he was elected to judge the Grand in PA and Michigan) and a reporter were just “Top Shelf”. Ron was a good friend of my Grandfather, “Bernie” and it is fitting that they were both honored, together, on the same night, as “Legends of The Cover Dog World” Both Plaques also included pictures of their personal hunting companions, CH Just Happy and CH Long Gone Stokely. What a grand evening!
This picture just oozes with “Setter History” .Grand National Grouse President Dick Brenneman visits with old friend ( and past President) Wayne Fruchy. Both men have started and developed a setter breeding program that has had a MAJOR positive impact on grouse dog/ setter breeding in the last half centaury. Both of these men have dedicated their whole lives to the sport that we love , and have contributed thousands of volunteer hours to laying out and cutting courses, judging, marshaling trials and so much more. I am amazed both men are not yet in the field trail Hall of Fame.
Old friend, John Stolgitis , making the presentation of my Grandfather, R.B.” Bernie Murray” to his induction as a “Legend of The Cover Dog World “. Thank You Johnny, it was a special night !
Richard “Dick” Brenneman as outgoing ( retirement ) President of The Grand National Grouse Championship. Left to right, Tom Fruchy ( New elected President), Helen and Dick Brenneman and Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Secretary, Joe Cammissa. Check out the lamp that was given to The Benemann’s as a Thank You, for many years of service. This night made me proud to be a Grouse Trialer !